Australia vs Pakistan, 2nd Test - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

SERIES: Pakistan tour of Australia, 2019

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Date & Time: Nov 29, 2019 03:30 am




Hazlewood to Muhammad Musa, out Abbas Run Out!! What a funny way to end the series. Australia win by an innings and 48 runs! Muhammad Musa bunts it straight down the ground to mid-on and an alert Abbas thought there was an opportunity to take a single. He dashes down casually and by the time Muhammad Musa would have declined the run, he was already a long way down. Cummins had all the time in the world to aim and nail the stumps at the non striker's end. Abbas had gave it up just like Pakistan gave it up today. Abbas run out (Pat Cummins) 1(5)



Hazlewood to Muhammad Musa, FOUR, streaky but Muhammad Musa would have enjoyed that. It was on a fuller length and Muhammad Musa heaves it in a wild fashion. It comes off the outside edge and flew over the slip cordon for a boundary



Hazlewood to Rizwan, out Bowled!! Rizwan departs now and end is extremely near for Pakistan now! Hazlewood pitches it right upto Rizwan and gets it to shape back in significantly. Rizwan went for an expansive drive through cover, fails to combat the movement and ends up playing it down the wrong line. It rips through his defence and disturbs his furniture. Hazlewood celebrates the wicket by raising his hand. Rizwan b Hazlewood 45(103) [4s-4]



Lyon to Rizwan, FOUR, charges down with a lot of intent and heaves it across the line, miscues it but still gets enough bat behind it to send it to boundary through square leg



Lyon to Shaheen Afridi, out Caught by Hazlewood!! Fifer for the Adelaide spin-king - Nathon Lyon. It's also his 50th wicket here. Unbelievable from Afridi. What has he done here? Silly shot and I am sure the coach and the captain in the dressing room won't be pleased with this stroke. Lyon balloons it up invitingly just outside off, Afridi wanted to smash it out of the park and all he could end up doing it slicing it up to deepish mid-off. Lost his shape completely and balance was all awry. Shaheen Afridi c Hazlewood b Lyon 1(15)



Lyon to Rizwan, FOUR, muscled over mid-wicket. This is going to the strategy from Rizwan. Looped up around off, Rizwan kneels down and picks the bones out of it



Lyon to Yasir Shah, out Lbw!! Shah is adjudged lbw, he has a word with his partner and shows the 'T' sign, meaning he's reviewing it. No problem with the legality of the delivery as front foot is okay. The TV umpire is checking if there's any bat on this. Nothing on snicko. Three reds and the on-field call stays. The centurion of the first innings and the thorn in the flesh for Australia, Shah has been undone by a quicker delivery from Lyon. He's on fire and picks up his fourth wicket. Round the wicket angle, quicker and going straight on after pitching. Shah misjudges the length and stayed back. It skids on and pins him on the back pad around the knee-roll. It looked plumb and umpire Richard Illingworth was spot on with his decision. Yasir Shah lbw b Lyon 13(26) [4s-1]



Pat Cummins to Yasir Shah, FOUR, handsomely flicked over square leg. Gift wrapped and served to Shah, who gets across and places it in the gap



Lyon to Iftikhar Ahmed, out Caught by Labuschagne!! All that hard work in the practice session has paid off as Labuschagne manages to grab it albeit on the second attempt. Second ball after drinks, Pakistan have lost a wicket and Ahmed's vigil is over. Turn and bounce from round the wicket, Ahmed was onto the front foot to block and it kisses the inside edge, travels to short leg. It popped out of his hands but Labuschagne keeps his calm to take it on the rebound. Lyon is on a roll today, taking all the wickets so far. Iftikhar Ahmed c Labuschagne b Lyon 27(70)



Lyon to Rizwan, FOUR, there is something about wicket-keepers and the sweep shot. They all seem to have it in their armoury! He goes down on his knees and nails the sweep wide of deep square leg for a boundary



Hazlewood to Rizwan, FOUR, that bumper from Hazlewood took Rizwan by surprise, he still went for the pull, got a top-edge and it flew over the head of the keeper for a boundary



Lyon to Shafiq, out Caught by Warner!! Lyon's decision to bowl round the wicket has finally worked. And it's a soft dismissal, Shafiq would be kicking himself. Flighted delivery down the leg-side, it hits one of the rough patches and jumps off the deck. Shafiq fails to account for the extra bounce. There was no need for him to play at it since it pitched outside leg. He ends up getting a fine tickle to it and Warner takes a sharp catch at leg-slip. Shafiq c Warner b Lyon 57(112) [4s-5]



Lyon to Shafiq, FOUR, too full and on the stumps, Shafiq goes down on his knees and sweeps it immaculately, gets it past deep backward square leg and collects a boundary



Hazlewood to Shafiq, 1 run, Hazlewood pitches it full and gets it to nip back into Shafiq, Shafiq couldn't account for the late inward shape. He inside edges the push down the leg-side and collects a single which will take him to his fifty!



Hazlewood to Shafiq, FOUR, filthy delivery, it was short and was down the leg-side. Shafiq casually pulls it, he was late on the pull. But gets enough bat on it to send it wide of Paine. It wasn't very far from him and Hazlewood had his hands on his mouth!



Lyon to Masood, out Caught by Starc!! Too attacking for his own good and that's the wicket Australia were looking for this morning. It was a flighted delivery, Masood comes down the track to lift it over mid-off. He couldn't reach the pitch of it and fails to get the desired elevation and ends up hitting it straight to the man at mid-off. Masood charged just too early, that allowed Lyon to drag his length back hence forced the false shot. Masood c Starc b Lyon 68(127) [4s-8 6s-1]



Labuschagne to Shafiq, 1 run, another full-toss from Labuschagne and Shafiq just works it to deep mid-wicket



Hazlewood to Masood, FOUR, oh, this flies just past Paine. Cross-seam short delivery down leg, Masood tries to help it away very fine. It catches the top edge and eludes the keeper to pistol away to the fine leg fence



Lyon to Shafiq, FOUR, now, Shafiq takes on Lyon. Second boundary of the over. Lyon gives lots of air outside off, Shafiq skips out of his crease and confidently lofts it over mid-off



Lyon to Masood, FOUR, classic shot from Masood. Saw the length on the shorter side, waits deep and opens his bat face to smash it wide of cover



Lyon to Masood, FOUR, drilled past mid-on with ferocity. Fifty up for Masood, it's first of the series and sixth overall. Appreciates the applause from the crowd by waving his bat and Shafiq congratulates him as well. The southpaw has risen to the occasion, can he convert this into a daddy hundred?



Hazlewood to Shafiq, FOUR, short and crunched behind point. Width was offered, Shafiq grabbed it with both hands, sends it scurrying away to the boundary



Hazlewood to Masood, FOUR, Masood has been dealing the short balls with ridiculous ease today. This was banged short just outside off, Masood makes sure he rolls his wrists in a bid to keep it down and places it in between two short mid-wicket fielders



Lyon to Masood, SIX, nice, aggressive intent from Masood. He's come out with a positive mind-set. Well flighted off-break, Masood marches down the track and lofts it with a clean bat swing over mid-on. Goes all the way



Starc to Masood, FOUR, wow! Nailed off the middle. Masood ain't getting disturbed by this short pitch ploy from Starc. Responds with a thundering pull over mid-wicket. Ruthless from the southpaw



Starc to Masood, FOUR, Masood takes the short ball head on. Went back quickly and pulls it airly. It was risky as he didn't time it as he would've wanted but gets it in the gap over square leg



Pat Cummins to Masood, FOUR, "Catch" shouted the Aussies and Masood has placed it brilliantly in the gap between gully and backward point. Although fraught with danger, he executed it perfectly. Flashes the bat horizontally and cuts it uppishly..



Hazlewood to Masood, FOUR, he has finally got hold off a short ball and has connected it well enough to send it to the fence. It was bowled @136 kph and was on the helmet, Masood gets on top of the ball, rolls his wrists and pulls it fine of fine leg for a boundary



Hazlewood to Masood, no run, Paine thinks there is an edge and he has gone for a review. Bat seems to have come down after the ball has passed and it looks like an another ordinary review from Tim Paine and Australia. Nothing on the hotSpot and on-field decision will stay. Australia lose a review. It was drifting down the leg-side, Masood was late on the flick. It clips his thigh pad and ends up into the gloves of Paine. The slip cordon advised Paine to take the review, which he did and he was proved wrong within minutes



Pat Cummins to Shafiq, FOUR, Pat Cummins attempts a magic delivery, the one which pitches around middle and nips away. It doesn't shape away and ends up on the pads, Shafiq flicks it past square leg and gets a boundary off the first ball



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, out Caught by Paine!! Hazlewood gets the big fish! He has a bright smile on his face and why not! This is excellent bowling from the Australian pacer, he gets wide of the crease on that delivery, angles it into Babar Azam and just leaves him at the last moment. Babar Azam had to play at that one, he punched it away from the body. It clips the outside edge and Babar Azam looks back immediately to see Paine taking the catch. He couldn't end the tour on a high but he will go back home a more confident batsman. Babar Azam c Paine b Hazlewood 8(12) [4s-1]



Starc to Babar Azam, FOUR, that's a gorgeous punch shot! Gee! This man can bat, he can seriously bat. Not a lot wrong on that delivery, it was on a good length and there was a hint of room. Babar Azam gets on top of the ball and punches it immaculately, beats the man at cover and races to the fence!



Starc to Azhar Ali, out Caught by Smith!! Starc might not be looking comfortable in his run-up but he is still good enough to rip Azhar Ali out. A sorry series for Pakistan skipper comes to an end. Starc pitches it very full and entices Azhar Ali to drive. He couldn't resist the temptation, there was no feet movement and he gets a genuine outside edge and Smith dived to his right and grabs an excellent catch. Pakistan are in all sorts here. Azhar Ali c Smith b Starc 9(8) [4s-1]



Hazlewood to Azhar Ali, FOUR, finds the outside edge on the first ball but it will beat the slip cordon and reach the fence. It was in that corridor of uncertainty, it straightened off the deck. Azhar Ali pokes at it in a clumsy fashion, gets a genuine outside but it lands short of the third slip fielder and goes to the fence! He used soft hands to deal with it hence it landed short!



Hazlewood to Imam, out Lbw!! Big booming inducker and Imam-ul-Haq is rapped on the pads. Up goes umpire Richard Illingworth's dreaded finger and Imam-ul-Haq bags a duck here. Hazlewood is a master at setting up things. An outswinger followed by a full delivery that jagged back in alarmingly at Imam, who's guilty of playing down the wrong line. Hazlewood was convinced and knew it straightaway that it was out. Just the kind of start Australia wanted. Imam had a chat with his partner about the review but decided against it in the end. That's that for the session then. Imam lbw b Hazlewood 0(9)



Pat Cummins to Yasir Shah, out Caught by Lyon!! Finally, the catch goes to hand and it's been taken. Yasir Shah's marathon knock comes to an end. This was on a back of a length, Shah looked in no mood to hang around any further. Tries to belt it out of the ground but gets it high on the bat. Skies it towards deep mid-wicket and Lyon comes forward to complete the catch. End of Pakistan's innings. Yasir Shah c Lyon b Pat Cummins 113(213) [4s-13]



Pat Cummins to Muhammad Musa, FOUR, wow! 19-year old Musa joins the party. Hangs back to this short ball, swings his bat with a not-so-steady-head but gets it over mid-wicket. Pistols away to the boundary



Pat Cummins to Yasir Shah, FOUR, hammered in front of square on the leg-side. Shah will play his shots now. This short ball was rearing up, Shah takes it head on. Takes his eyes off but connects it beautifully through mid-wicket



Lyon to Yasir Shah, no run, dropped. Australia have been very ordinary in the field and add one more to the drop catches list. Tossed up just outside off, it kicks up and clicks the inside edge. Loops to short leg where it bursts through Labuschagne's hands. Straight in and out. Absolute sitter and he's put down his second catch of the day. Lyon can't believe it



Pat Cummins to Muhammad Musa, FOUR, in the air and over the cordon. This was on a short of length just outside off, rose up sharply and Musa couldn't get his bat out of the way. Off the shoulder of the bat and flies over slips



Pat Cummins to Abbas, out Caught by Warner!! The bouncer does it for Cummins. It's his 50th scalp in Tests this year. Perhaps, the chatter in the last over might have played a role here. This was a lethal delivery from Cummins, too hot to handle for Abbas. Shot up in front of his face, Abbas took his eyes off and it kisses the glove to lob up to Warner at gully, who accepts the dolly. Abbas's resistance comes to an end. Abbas c Warner b Pat Cummins 29(78) [4s-4 6s-1]



Pat Cummins to Abbas, FOUR, what a shot from Abbas. Very wristy flick from Abbas. Too full and straight from Cummins, Abbas accepts it with glee and ticks a four



Hazlewood to Yasir Shah, 1 run, in the air and just over mid-on.... He has got there, yes he has! A hundred for Yasir Shah! Helmet is off, gloves are off and he kisses the turf! Take a bow, Mr. Yasir Shah! Lemme pinch myself, yes, it's true! Yasir Shah has a Test hundred to his name! He has a story to tell his grandkids. He came in when his side were in all sorts at 89/6 and he has dished out a clinic at the Adelaide Oval! Some lessons to be learnt for the top-order batsmen! It's been a knock to remember and it's been a celebration to remember! Coming to the ball, Yasir Shah had enough of blocking. And he decides to loft this one. For a moment, I thought it's going straight into the hands of the mid-on fielder but Yasir had enough bat on this one to clear the man at mid-on and completed the run to take him to this special milestone!



Starc to Abbas, FOUR, everything is going Pakistan's way at the moment! Full ball wide of off, Abbas flirts at it, he gets a genuine outside edge and it went right in between third and fourth slip. Both fielders didn't go for the catch and Starc wouldn't be a happy man with that effort



Starc to Yasir Shah, FOUR, another gift from Starc. It starts from leg-stump and swings down further, Yasir Shah just shows the direction on the flick and collects a boundary through fine leg! Moves to 94 now!



Starc to Yasir Shah, FOUR, terrrible delivery down the leg-side, Yasir Shah makes full use of it and clips it fine of fine leg for a boundary. He moves into 90's now!



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, very full delivery wide of off, Yasir Shah uses the width to good effect and smashes it past cover for another four. He is just 15 away from his ton!



Labuschagne to Abbas, FOUR, Abbas takes Labuschagne on and collects another boundary! He is looking comfortable too! It was very full and was around off, Abbas goes down on his knees and pumps it over mid-on for a four



Lyon to Abbas, FOUR, that's a top-shot from Abbas. Stays put on this delivery and drives it straight down the ground. It beats mid-off and runs away to the fence!



Lyon to Abbas, SIX, gee! Abbas has got stuck into this one and he has cleared the ropes. Lyon provides flight on this delivery, Abbas plunges forward, didn't hold himself back, clears his leg and blasts it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. That must have taken Lyon by surprise!



Smith to Yasir Shah, FOUR, full-toss from Smith, Yasir Shah says thank you so much and he deposits it over deep mid-wicket for a boundary



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, woah! Bludgeoned through cover. Lyon gets it up and dishes out a half-volley outside off. Shah throws his bat and connects it off the meat to pick up another boundary



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, lifts this up and over mid-on. Shah is looking for boundaries now. Steps out, gets to the pitch and picks the off-break and goes over the in-field



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, swept and swept in the gap by Shah. Sits low picking the length early, rolls his wrists and brooms it in between deep square leg and deep mid-wicket pocket



Lyon to Yasir Shah, 1 run, amidst the chaos, Shah reaches his maiden Test fifty. Up goes the bat to acknowledge the applause from the crowd. Abbas congratulates him. Flighted outside off, Shah lunges forward and drives it to mid-off and gets to the landmark



Starc to Shaheen Afridi, out Lbw!! Pakistan review: Afridi has been given out lbw first ball. He has a chat with his partner and opts to challenge the on-field call. No problem with the front foot. No bat as well and three reds says Hawkeye. He is a goner and Starc is on a hat-trick now. This looked pretty adjacent straightaway. Afridi just reviewed in hope. This was full, straight and at the stumps. The batsman is beaten for pace as it strikes him low on the pads in front of middle. Ball-tracking showed that it was crashing the leg-stump. Make that six wickets for Starc. 145kph thunderbolt which is too good for Afridi. Shaheen Afridi lbw b Starc 0(1)



Starc to Babar Azam, out Caught by Paine!! Tell you what! Pardon me for jinxing. Azam's gone three short of his century. This is a heartbreak moment. That milestone was in his mind and he eventually succumbs. A fuller length delivery leaving the right-hander, it was the sucker delivery and Azam took the bait. Goes in search of a booming drive, no feet only hands following the ball and gets a thick outside edge which flies to Paine's right. The Australian captain moves quickly and pouches it. Azam looks visibly disappointed as he walks off to loud cheers from the crowd. FIFER FOR Starc! His 12th in Tests.. look at the members of Pakistan team, who are standing near the sidelines, they all are in distraught. Meanwhile, Starc collects the ball and holds it high for the photograph, letting everyone know that he's taken a five-wicket haul. Babar Azam c Paine b Starc 97(132) [4s-11]



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, dragged short and Shah nails it in the gap. Goes back in time, rolls his wrists and places the pull behind square. Desperate chase for the fielder but the ball wins the race



Labuschagne to Yasir Shah, no run, what are you doing, Australia? Labuschagne has dropped a sitter off his own bowling. This was tossed up on middle and sort of stopped maybe? Shah stayed low and was closing his bat face to work it to the leg-side. Leading edge balloons back and Labuschagne gets both hands but couldn't hold onto it as it rolls to the ground. One more life for Yasir!



Labuschagne to Babar Azam, 1 run, 100-stand comes up between these two. Both congratulate each other. Chopped towards cover



Starc to Yasir Shah, FOUR, Shah surpasses his previous best score in Tests. He's getting better and better. This was on a short of length just outside off, Shah used the angle and the bowler's pace to deftly guide it past gully



Labuschagne to Babar Azam, FOUR, successive fours for Azam and he moves into the nineties. Labuschagne overshoots his length, if last ball was a full toss. This was a half-tracker, Azam wouldn't miss out on these. Climbs back and rockets the pull to the cow corner fence



Labuschagne to Babar Azam, FOUR, juicy low full toss and Azam tucks in the gift. Fiery bottom-handed jab to drill it past mid-on



Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR, full ball attacking the stumps, Babar Azam shuffles across and takes a big step back. And whips it away past mid-wicket gorgeously for a boundary



Pat Cummins to Yasir Shah, 1 run, Yasir Shah taps it to cover and Babar Azam charges for a single. Yasir Shah hesitates and Wade at cover was onto the ball in a flash. He fails to nail the direct hit at the non striker's end. Had he hit that, Yasir Shah would have been gone by a long way!



Lyon to Yasir Shah, FOUR, that's a good stride forward to negate the spin and then drives it beautifully, gets it past diving Starc at mid-off and collects a four



Starc to Yasir Shah, FOUR, that's edged and four! It leaves the batsman at the last moment, Yasir Shah drives at it in a clumsy fashion. Gets a thick outside edge and it flies past slips for a boundary



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, FOUR, wow! Reaches his fifty in a sumptuous manner! Shuffles to the off-side slightly, Hazlewood bowls it on his pads and he whips it stylishly past square leg for a boundary. This has been a gorgeous innings to watch so far!



Hazlewood to Yasir Shah, FOUR, Hazlewood banged this one half way down the track and Yasir Shah takes him on. He takes the eyes off the ball but still nails the pull shot, gets it wide of deep square leg and collects a boundary



Starc to Babar Azam, FOUR, that's gorgeous! Gee! This lad makes batting look so easy. It was angled back into the stumps of Babar Azam, he stays put, offers the full face of the bat and straight drives it past mid-on for a boundary. High elbow!



Starc to Yasir Shah, no run, it's referred by Paine! Yasir Shah might have nicked this down the leg-side. 139.9km/h. Hotspot on the trouser, nothing on the bat. Nothing on Snicko either. And that's not out. Both reviews gone for the Aussies.



Starc to Rizwan, out Caught by Paine! He's as essential with the pink ball as he is with the white. Leave the red ball alone, for now. A 144.7km/h full ball dished out wide, it was out there for the drive, but Rizwan just doesn't transfer his weight onto it completely, has a bit of a waft at it with the bottom-hand, and a healthy edge carries to the wicketkeeper, whose counterpart departs for a duck! Rizwan c Paine b Starc 0(3)



Starc to Iftikhar Ahmed, out Caught by Paine! Stunning catch by the s'keeper, and that's even knocked Joe Burns at first slip off his feet! Has a crack at one that's short and wide at 144.4km/h, gets a top-edge that absolutely flies towards the right of Paine who throws himself at it and grabs on to send Iftikhar on his way for 10! A fantastic catch by Captain Moustache! Three wickets for Starc, and Pakistan still trail by 500! Iftikhar Ahmed c Paine b Starc 10(26) [4s-2]



Pat Cummins to Iftikhar Ahmed, FOUR, overpitches, Iftikhar Ahmed's eyes light up as he pounces, nails the drive through deep extra cover for four



Hazlewood to Iftikhar Ahmed, FOUR, Iftikhar Ahmed is away with a boundary! It wasn't an overpitched one, Iftikhar Ahmed leans forward and eases into the cover-drive. The balance was stellar!



Starc to Shafiq, out Caught by Paine!! Shafiq never looked comfortable against Starc and that was coming. It was a good length delivery in that corridor of uncertainty, Shafiq was worried about the nip-backer hence he pushed at this one. It kissed the outside edge and Paine grabs it easily. Starc has a bright smile on his face and why not! Shafiq c Paine b Starc 9(14) [4s-2]



Starc to Shafiq, FOUR, edged and it breaches the slip cordon again! It was a very full delivery moving away from Shafiq, he throws his bat at it, gets a thick outside edge and it goes past Labuschagne at fourth slip for a boundary



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, FOUR, wow! Hazlewood gets too straight, dishes out on the pads and Babar Azam flicks it with a lot of class and elegance through mid-wicket! It races off the turf!



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, FOUR, you can't provide width to him so Hazlewood decides to bowl straight. And Babar Azam this time flicks it past square leg for another boundary. Class!



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, FOUR, he is a treat to the eyes! Moves forward with such nonchalance, gets in a terrific position and creams the cover drive for a boundary. Class written all over it!



Pat Cummins to Shafiq, no run, did that carry? We will wait for the replays to come in. I think, it did! Pat Cummins shortens his length on this delivery, it jags away off the deck and Shafiq couln't handle the late movement. It came off the outside edge and went to Wade at fourth slip who fails to pounce on it



Hazlewood to Babar Azam, FOUR, gee! He looks so good when he executes a cover-drive. It was overpitched from Hazlewood, inviting the batsman to drive. Babar Azam accepts the drive and drives it like a boss, gets it past cover and mid-off and collects a boundary!



Pat Cummins to Shafiq, FOUR, that's edged and four! Streaky from Shafiq. It was a full ball around off, Shafiq was drawn into the shot because of the length. He pushes at it inside the line of the ball hence the outside edge was found. Luckily for Shafiq, it went wide of Labuschagne at fourth slip and then into the fence!



Hazlewood to Masood, out Caught by Paine!! After Starc and Cummins, Hazlewood joins the party too. On that good length and in the corridor of uncertainty with a hint of seam movement away from the left-hander. Masood fails to resist the tempetation of poking at it. It clips the outside edge and Paine grabs an easy one. Pakistan in some serious trouble here. Masood c Paine b Hazlewood 19(50) [4s-1]



Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR, there are very few better cover-drivers around in World cricket than Babar Azam! It was slightly fuller than the good length, Babar Azam reaches for it and flays into the drive like a boss. It beats the man at cover and reaches the fence in a canter



Pat Cummins to Babar Azam, FOUR, wow! Babar Azam gets off the mark with a beautiful stroke. Full and angling in on off at 137.9kph, Azam gets forward and presents the maker's name to drive it straight of mid-off. Classy



Pat Cummins to Masood, FOUR, whipped away! A half-volley at 135.4kph, on middle and leg, Masood uses his wrists to flick it away through backward square leg



Pat Cummins to Azhar Ali, out Caught by Smith!! Smith claims the catch at second slip. The umpire decide to go upstairs. The soft signal is OUT. Fair delivery. It was a full ball and Azhar Ali wanted to knock it towards mid-on/mid-wicket. Got a thick outside edge and the ball was dipping. Smith is a superb fielder, bends forward at second slip and gobbles it with both hands. Excellent grab. Did well to snaffle it inches above the ground. It's a clean catch and the skipper has to depart. Azhar Ali c Smith b Pat Cummins 9(23) [4s-1]



Pat Cummins to Azhar Ali, FOUR, shot! Straighter line, length ball on leg, Azhar Ali waits for the ball and uses the angle to force it through mid-wicket. Relied on timing and it came off the meat of the bat. Glorious



Starc to Imam, out Caught by Warner!! Edged and gone! 150.7kph. Short of a good length ball angling in on middle, Imam stays back in his crease to defend. The ball straightens a touch and the left-hander only manages an outside edge. Goes straight into the hands of Warner at gully. The left-hander had to play at it - thanks to the line. Australia have the early breakthrough. Imam c Warner b Starc 2(16)



Pat Cummins to Imam, no run, 135.3kph, good length delivery, Imam-ul-Haq looks to play across the line and misses it. Wears it on the pad and Australia went up in unison for an lbw appeal. The Australians after a big conversation decided to go upstairs. Pitched outside leg and Australia have burnt a review in the second over



Starc to Masood, no run, Masood has been adjudged lbw. Walks down the pitch, talks with his batting partner and decides to review. Fair delivery. There's a mark on HotSpot. So, umpire Richard Illingworth has to reverse his call. Successful review for Pakistan. A pacy in-angler at 147.8kph from a good length and Masood was late to close his bat-face, fortunately got an inside edge. The impact was adjacent to the sticks. Superb over from Starc - a maiden



Iftikhar Ahmed to Warner, FOUR, straight ball on off, Warner gets down on a knee and sweeps it powerfully through square leg. Sped away to the fence



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, that's edged and boundary! Everything is going Warner's way! Abbas dishes this delivery wide of off, Warner goes after it, gets an outside edge and it goes over the slip fielder for a boundary



Abbas to Warner, SIX, into the stands! Warner wants to shift gear now. Picks up the slower delivery, gets in a good position and smokes it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum - this is now the highest score in D/N Tests, going past the opposition captain, Azhar Ali (302*)



Iftikhar Ahmed to Wade, FOUR, touch short, Wade goes back and carves it away wide of backward point and collects a boundary



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, Warner is back, he is back with a bang. He is back with a triple hundred! He would say, he never went away! But he is back for sure! Becomes the 7th Australian to score a triple hundred. Punches the air in delight and goes on a Tahir-like run to celebrate this moment! It means a lot to him and shows in his celebration. It was marginally short, Warner gets on top of it and he pulls it away wide of mid-on for a boundary to reach the landmark in a grand fashion!



Iftikhar Ahmed to Warner, FOUR, he makes it look so easy! Goes back casually and tucks it away wide of square leg for a boundary. Moves into 290's now!



Abbas to Wade, FOUR, Abbas overpitches and Wade pounces on it! Gets a stride forward and flays into the drive wide of cover for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Wade, SIX, Wade has deposited this one into the stands. It was short, Wade goes back and mows it over deep mid-wicket for another six



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, he goes past VVS Laxman with that boundary chirps my fellow commentator Mr. Rishi Roy. It was very full and was around off, Warner leans forward and drives it past cover for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, 500 comes up for Australia! He gets in a good position on this leggie and sweeps it wide of deep square leg for another boundary



Shaheen Afridi to Wade, FOUR, nicely played! This ball was angled into Wade, he allows the ball to come and opens the face of the bat at the last moment to guide it wide of gully for a boundary



Shaheen Afridi to Wade, no run, Pakistan have gone for a caught behind review. This looks close. There was some sound for sure but was it off bat hitting the pad? There is a flat line on the snicko and the original decision will stay. Pakistan have lost both their reviews now. It was a length delivery around off, it straightens off the deck, Wade ends up playing inside the line. It defeats his outside edge and goes into the gloves of Rizwan. Pakistan challenged the umpire's decision but they were proved wrong withion minutes



Shaheen Afridi to Smith, out Caught by Rizwan!! Another failure from Steve Smith, it's not exactly a failure for anyone else but by Smith's lofty standards this can be termed as a failure. It was a very full ball, Smith heaves at it in T-20 style, couldn't connect, gets an inside edge and Rizwan does the rest behind the stumps. Shaheen Shah Afridi with the breakthrough again. Smith c Rizwan b Shaheen Afridi 36(64) [4s-2]



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, full ball spinning into Warner, he wanted to go down to sweep but in the end probably felt too lazy and in the end, half-flicks-half-sweeps it through deep mid-wicket for a boundary



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, Shaheen Afridi overpitches this one and Warner in this form won't let it go without punishing. He comes forward and creams it past mid-off for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, unleashes the cheeky reverse sweep. Gets down in time, twirls his wrists and brooms it past slip



Yasir Shah to Warner, 2 runs, tickled away to fine leg. Any other batsmen would've settled for a single but not Warner. Turns and hares across in a jiffy. The throw from the fielder was spot on towards the striker's end. Rizwan whips the bails off in a flash but Warner is back to safety. 100-run stand also comes up between the duo



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, 2 runs, 250-up for milestone man Warner. Glove-love with Smith as he trudges across and off comes the helmet. The Adelaide crowd showers him with cheers and claps. Can he convert it into a triple ton? We shall see. A pitched up delivery that deviated off the seam, catches outside edge and wanders between slip and gully. It stops near the fence and he'll get two



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, rotten luck for Pakistan continue. Fullish and outside off, Warner drives. Throws the kitchen sink and feeds a thick outside edge. Can-you-believe-it, flies in the pocket between slip and gully



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, outside edge and runs past slip. Didn't carry though as Warner fished with soft hands. This held its line just a wee bit to scrap the edge and trickles in the gap between slip and gully



Yasir Shah to Smith, FOUR, whipped past mid-on. Such powerful wrists from Smith. Immediately it was overpitched, Smith cleared his front leg and placed it in the gap



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, ramped over the cordon. T20-esque shot from Warner. Arched his back as this was banged in short, kept climbing and Warner knew there was no third man. Street-smart cricket from the southpaw



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, pulled away disdainfully and Shah continues to leak runs. This was quicker and quite short, Warner hung back and nailed it in front of square on the leg-side. Splits deep square leg and deep mid-wicket to perfection



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, back of a length and wide, slapped away towards deep point for four



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, surgical placement! Overpitches slightly, and he's found the tiny gap between extra cover and mid-off with a leaning check-drive for four! No feet, just a transfer of weight forward...



Shaheen Afridi to Smith, FOUR, onto the pads, Smith gets across and deflects it away towards fine leg for four



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, good length delivery outside off, Warner gets front-on whilst on the crease and slices that away towards the deep extra cover boundary for four! Weight forward and just leans into it...



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, 1 run, that's a second Test double-hundred for David Warner! A string of low scores in the Ashes, and he's come roaring back, quite literally, as he drops this into the on-side to run across, stay airborne with a leap, and lets out a "woo" befitting of a DJ night, and half a roar of a wounded lion. Incredible innings, and a chanceless knock by Australia's Deputy Talisman.



Shaheen Afridi to Labuschagne, out Bowled! Off-stump knocked out, dead before it can hit the ground, and its corpse cartwheeling away towards the wicketkeeper. Angles away and seams back in to breach the defences, getting past the inside edge and crashing into the off-stump of Labuschagne to end a marathon stand - 361 runs. Labuschagne b Shaheen Afridi 162(238) [4s-22]



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, another half-tracker, and he's slapped it away in front of point for four



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, rank long-hop, and that's carved away towards the deep backward point fence for four



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, 1 run, skids through on middle and leg, whipped away towards mid-wicket, and that's the 350-run stand. Please, please take the new ball, Pakistan...



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, spins back into the hip, another savage pull away towards backward square leg for four. Brutal!



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, loopy and angling in, Warner charges down the track and into the line, and whips it uppishly to the deep mid-wicket boundary for four



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, 1 run, freebie on the pads, turned away to backward square leg for a single to bring up a consecutive century and a half! The concussion substitute who has become 2019's highest Test run-scorer - Marnus Labuschagne



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, charges down the track and smokes this over mid-on against the turn towards the long-on fence for four. Off the inside half, but good enough contact...



Iftikhar Ahmed to Warner, FOUR, drops short, Warner gets down low and pulls it away towards deep midwicket for four



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, unveiling the Laxmanschagne! That's very full and spinning away outside off, and that's a whip unleashed against the spin towards cow corner for four!



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, straightens from a back of a length, Labuschagne is back and across, gets the bottom-hand off as the outside edge dyings towards the cordon and through the gap for four towards third man



Muhammad Musa to Warner, 1 run, on a back of a length, right on the money, onto the backfoot and steered down towards deep backward point for a single - and that's the 300-run stand between these two. Unreal.



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, a tad short, spins back in, Warner rocks back and slaps it away towards deep extra cover for four. Terrible ball, and that deserved to be punished...



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, this might be the final over of the day but Warner isn't going to hold back himself just thinking about that. There was ample width on offer, Warner reaches for it and carves it away wide of sweeper cover for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, Warner is back and how! Brings up his 150 in style witha boundary. Full ball around off, Warner leans forward and creams it through covers for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, full ball spinning into Warner, he goes down on his knees and sweeps it fine of deep backward square leg for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, 2 runs, tossed full on the stumps, flicked into the square leg region and the duo look to steal a non-existent second. Imam picks it up cleanly but fires a wayward throw at the striker's end, Labuschagne wasn't even in the frame. Would have been out by a long way



Yasir Shah to Warner, 1 run, Pakistan have gone for a lbw review. Warner attempts the sweep on this delivery which was very full, doesn't connect it as he would have liked. But got an inside edge and that saved him. Pakistan are desperate for a wicket so they went upstairs but there optimism couldn't buy them a wicket as there was a clear inside edge!



Iftikhar Ahmed to Warner, 1 run, there was a hint of width and Warner carves it to sweeper cover. 250-run partnership comes up and they celebrate it with a tight hug!



Shaheen Afridi to Labuschagne, FOUR, length ball slanting away wide of off, Labuschagne opens the bat face and steers it neatly in the gap behind point. Excellent timing on that



Azhar Ali to Labuschagne, FOUR, touch short and Labuschagne rocks back and power the pull through mid-wicket. Leant on the back foot and used the bottom hand power to pick the gap on the leg-side



Azhar Ali to Warner, FOUR, half-tracker outside off, Warner slashes and slashes hard through covers with brute power. No-one's stopping that...



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, short and wide, Warner throws the kitchen sink and gets it over the fly gully. No-one at fine third man and it runs away in a jiffy



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, quicker and slips it down leg, Labuschagne gets low and thrashes the sweep off the middle behind square on the leg-side



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, 2 runs, worked away through mid-wicket and that's it. Back-to-back hundreds for Marnus Labuschagne and he is absolutely pumped, gets a warm round of applause from friends and family whilst Warner envelopes him in a tight hug. Smiles all around the Aussie camp as Labuschagne raises his bat to acknowledge the plaudits...



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, inches short! Labuschagne dances down the wicket and lofts it from outside off which drops inches short of the boundary ropes. Goes on the half-volley and the crowd's excitement diffuses momentarily



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, short and spinning away outside off, Labuschagne uses Yasir's pace to glide it fine past slip. Excellent delicacy from the Queenslander



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, oh my! Shaheen Afridi has kicked this into the boundary ropes and he instantly faces music from the cheery Adelaide crowd. Warner cut powered this through covers and Shaheen - from cover - seemed to have it covered after giving a long chase, only to trip on momentarily and thud the ball off his boot into the ropes. Ouch!



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, 1 run, pulled away to deep mid-wicket and that's the 200-run partnership between this duo



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, make that two in a row! There's a fielder placed at deep mid-wicket and Labuschagne's timing on this pull ensured he couldn't get anywhere near that. Another short one and bullied through the leg-side



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, Labuschagne is waiting to pounce on anything short and he gets plenty of timing on thus mid-pitcher from Muhammad Musa. Swivels and hammers it along the ground through square leg



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, short and wide of off, Warner jumps on the back foot and slams the cut square on the off-side. All timing on that...



Abbas to Labuschagne, FOUR, outside edge, goes past the diving gully fielder and runs away to the third man fence. Labuschagne gets slightly squared up by this short of length ball after walking forward and across. Hint of extra bounce and it caught the outer edge. The gully fielder dived to his left, but in vain



Yasir Shah to Warner, 1 run, Warner hurries through for a single after dropping this leg-break in front of backward point and there it is. Back-to-back hundreds for David Warner! The pocket dynamo has certainly buried his performances in the Ashes. He seems to be unstoppable at home this summer. Off comes the helmet, there's the customary jump, followed by the fist-pump. Kisses the badge on the helmet and gets hugged by his batting partner. Superb knock from the southpaw and he gets a rousing appreciation from the Adelaide crowd



Iftikhar Ahmed to Labuschagne, 2 runs, the partnership between Labuschagne and Warner is now 151. A drag down and Labuschagne muscles the pull through mid-wicket. Yasir sprints to his left and mops it up



Iftikhar Ahmed to Warner, FOUR, shorter and wider, Warner slaps it off the back foot. Shaheen, strangely, ran to his right at deep cover when he should have moved the opposite way. Couldn't spot the pink ball, eh? Shall we debate?



Shaheen Afridi to Warner, FOUR, full ball wide of off, it was asking to be hit, Warner throws his bat at it. It clipped the outside edge and it went wide of the slips for a boundary



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, more air and Yasir in the process has overpitched this, Warner presses forward and plays a superb off-drive beating the mid-off fielder to his right. Exquisite timing



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, wow! A shortish ball at 135.8kph that refuses to bounce. Sat up nicely for the right-hander and Labuschagne middled the pull. An authoritative hit through mid-wicket and there's no one to stop that



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, yet another half-century for Marnus Labuschagne - his sixth to be precise. He's so calm at the crease, looks well set to convert it into another big one. Musa doles width outside off on this occasion and Labuschagne stays back to late-dab it behind square on the off-side, finding the gap between gully and backward point. Just a raise of the bat



Yasir Shah to Warner, FOUR, in the slot, tossed up leg-break, Warner gets down on a knee and nails the slog sweep over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four



Yasir Shah to Labuschagne, FOUR, wristy hit! Another flighted delivery, drifts in a touch, Labuschagne converts it into a half-volley by coming forward and then whips it powerfully through mid-wicket



Yasir Shah to Warner, 2 runs, touch short, Warner gets down on a knee and muscles the pull through backward square leg. A fumble from Shaheen Afridi in the deep and the batters come back for the second. Century partnership



Shaheen Afridi to Labuschagne, FOUR, a wristy shot! A fullish ball on middle and leg, Labuschagne will keep hitting those for boundaries all day. Just a lean across and then the right-hander uses his wrists to flick it through mid-wicket and mid-on. Sped away to the fence



Abbas to Labuschagne, FOUR, 127kph, too straight and Labuschagne takes heavy toll of it. On a good length, middle-and-leg-lined, Labuschagne moves across and whips it through square leg



Abbas to Warner, 6 runs, 128.8kph, back of a length delivery, Warner hops and looks to tuck, gets an inside edge towards backward square leg and the batters decide to come back for the second. The fielder in the deep has a shy at the bowler's end and misses the target. Results in overthrows and the ball runs away to the fence. Poor backing-up. Six runs in total and Warner notches up his 31st Test fifty! His summer keeps getting better



Shaheen Afridi to Labuschagne, FOUR, 139.9kph, another edge and this time the ball goes through the gapo between second slip and gully. Good, probing over from Afridi. Pitched it up and Labuschagne had to play at it. The right-hander moved across and looked to knock it towards mid-on/mid-wicket, got a thick edge that fortunately for him didn't carry to any of the fielders in the cordon



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, 127.3 kph ball around off, Warner plunges forward and creams the drive wide of point. He times it sweetly and collects a boundary



Muhammad Musa to Labuschagne, FOUR, another short ball, Muhammad Musa is clearly overdoing it. Labuschagne was ready for it, he gets on top of it nicely, rolls his wrists and pulls it comprehensively wide of deep square leg for a boundary



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, Muhammad Musa has provided too much width in his first spell, Warner uses it well again and carves it past backward point for a boundary



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, too short and too wide, Warner gets on top of the ball and slaps it away wide of backward point for a boundary



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, too short and too wide again from Muhammad Musa, Warner executes the cut shot brilliantly, gets it past the man at backward point this time and collects a boundary



Abbas to Labuschagne, FOUR, that's an absolute gift from Abbas! Labuschagne accepts the gift with a glee on his face and flicks that delivery on the pads wide of square leg for a boundary



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, this one was too short, Muhammad Musa is struggling with his lengths here. It was well wide of off, Warner jumps in the crease and slashes hard at it. It clipped the outside edge and flew over slips for a boundary



Muhammad Musa to Warner, FOUR, too full from Muhammad Musa and there was width too. Warner leans into it and drives it past cover. It races away to the fence!



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, up and away! Typical David Warner! Gets on his front foot and slams the drive through covers with immaculate timing, the length wasn't full but Warner's forward press and on-the-up intent made it that much more easy



Abbas to Labuschagne, FOUR, shuffles across off and takes this full delivery from outside off to flick it off his pads through mid-wicket. All timing on that and Labuschagne barely exerted power into the shot



Shaheen Afridi to Burns, out Caught by Rizwan!! Got him! Shaheen Afridi looked threatening all along and this is his reward. He pitches this in that 'in-between' length and gets the ample amount of movement off the seam, Burns's previous shot dupes him into playing at this as he pokes at it tentatively to send the finest of edges through to the keeper. They check for a possible foot no-ball but Shaheen Afridi's just fine on that count. Burns c Rizwan b Shaheen Afridi 4(9) [4s-1]



Shaheen Afridi to Burns, FOUR, pitches it up and Burns gets going with a terrific drive off the front foot. Transfers his weight onto the back and across and times it away in the gap through covers



Abbas to Warner, FOUR, off the mark! A touch streaky but Warner won't mind. Leans across outside his off-stump and delicately angles his bat to manoeuvre the length delivery past point with crisp timing off the front foot