New Zealand vs England, 2nd Test - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

SERIES: England tour of New Zealand, 2019

Venue: Seddon Park, Hamilton

Date & Time: Nov 28, 2019 22:00 pm




Root to Ross Taylor, SIX, hundred for Taylor. The signature tongue out celebration from him. Takes off his helmet and raises his arm to celebrate Test ton #19. He gets there in majestic fashion. Down on one knee and nails the slog sweep onto the grass banks near deep mid-wicket



Root to Ross Taylor, SIX, that's much better. There's the Taylor of old. A clean swing of the bat on the slog sweep and this time the connection was sweet, the ball keeps sailing over the deep square leg fence



Root to Ross Taylor, FOUR, Taylor wants to get to his milestone quickly. He kneels down and plays the famous Taylor slog sweep over mid-wicket, not off the middle and hence the ball lands well before the boundary rope



Root to Williamson, FOUR, Test hundred #21 for Williamson. He has ticked off all the boxes with this innings. Series almost secured - check. Runs under his belt before Australia series - check. Time spent in the middle - check. He takes his off his helmet and acknowledges the applause of his team mates and the small crowd gathered. Coming to the ball: flighted around off, Williamson laps it to fine leg



Stokes to Williamson, FOUR, Williamson moves on to 96* on the last ball of the session. Another short ball by Stokes and the Kiwi skipper pulls it through the same region. He beats the fielder at square leg initially and then the man at fine leg whose dive goes in vain as well. That shall be lunch on day 5



Stokes to Williamson, FOUR, short and punished! Williamson latches on to this one and pulls it powerfully through backward square leg, beating the fielder charging across from fine leg



Stokes to Williamson, no run, England review for caught behind against Williamson. In my opinion, this came straight off the helmet. And the replays do confirm the same. There was clear day-light when the ball went past his bat. In fact it was no where close to the willow. Nothing on HotSpot, nothing on the Snicko either. Nasty delivery by Stokes though. Was the bouncer and Williamson got surprised by it, couldn't connect his pull and the ball smacked right into his helmet before it popped to the keeper. Williamson even shaked his head in refusal, but Joe Root thought he was bluffing. Alas, they take the review, but find no success. Also, Williamson is now having a change in helmets. That struck the gear hard it seems. Anyways, not out it is and the onfield decision stays as it is..



Sam Curran to Williamson, FOUR, that's a loosener and it has been sent away to the fence by the New Zealand skipper. Short ball down the leg side, Williamson swivels and drags it to the fine leg fence, easy pickings



Denly to Williamson, 1 run, full toss by Denly, Williamson drives it towards mid-on for a run, 150-stand up between NZ's most experienced duo



Denly to Ross Taylor, FOUR, easy pickings! An expensive over by Denly. Drops this one short and provides the width as well, Ross Taylor is quick to camp back as he times his square-cut and with no one in the deep, the batsman gets four runs



Jofra Archer to Williamson, no run, oh dear! Denly has put down a sitter. Archer deceives Williamson with a slower, full ball and Williamson is early into his clip. It was a knuckle ball and KW ended up chipping it straight to Denly at short mid-wicket and Archer had started to celebrate. Alas, he was shocked when he looked towards mid-wicket and found the ball on the ground. The bowler sees the funny side of it a couple of seconds later. You won't get catches easier than that



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, another boundary. Shortish ball outside off, Taylor rides the bounce and punches it behind square on the off-side



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, width dished outside off at a gentle pace of 124kph, Taylor jumps and cuts it over vacant backward point. Just a raise of the bat as Taylor brings up his 32nd Test half-century - his second of the match



Sam Curran to Williamson, FOUR, nicely done! Shortish ball marginally outside off, Williamson rides the bounce and guides it through the gap in the cordon with soft hands. Played very late and sent it to the third man fence



Sam Curran to Williamson, FOUR, glorious stroke and Williamson notches up his 32nd Test fifty. Fuller length ball, Williamson leans into the drive and caresses it wide of mid-off. Didn't try to over-hit and relied on timing. All class! Also, century partnership



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, 138.1kph, short and wide outside off, Taylor latches onto it. Rocks back in his crease and scythes it fiercely behind square on the off-side. Quick hands from Taylor



Sam Curran to Ross Taylor, FOUR, hint of away movement and Taylor didn't account for it as he tried to on-push/drive, got a thick outside edge and the ball rab away to third man for a boundary



Sam Curran to Ross Taylor, FOUR, four more! Slightly too full from Curran, on seeing the line on the fuller side Taylor leant across and caressed the drive through extra cover. Neatly timed



Stokes to Williamson, FOUR, shot! The short ball doesn't rise much, Williamson plays a controlled swivel-pull behind square on the leg-side. Raced away to the fence



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, risky shot by Ross Taylor. Just at the stroke of stumps, Taylor plays a risky shot. A short ball outside off, the batsman gets high on his toes and slices it just past the fielder at backward point for four runs



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, driven handsomely. Full delivery in the channel outside off, Ross Taylor plants his front foot forward and creams it into the gap at covers, well timed shot



Stokes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, slapped hard! Width on offer outside off, Ross Taylor eyes lit up on seeing it pitched short, goes hard at it and slams it through cover-point, dismissed



Sam Curran to Ross Taylor, FOUR, pulled away! A short ball by Sam Curran, Ross Taylor gets into position quickly and hammers it through square leg, was in the air for a while as it came off the top-edge, but as there was no fielder in the deep, Ross got an easy four



Broad to Williamson, FOUR, dismissive! Williamson was not taking on the short ball from Archer, but this Broad delivery sits up nicely, he swivels and absolutely nails the pull square of the wicket



Jofra Archer to Williamson, FOUR, this is turning out into a good contest. A very similar line and length like the previous two, Williamson waits and plays the open-batted steer behind point. He played it late and that was the key there



Jofra Archer to Williamson, FOUR, hint of width and Williamson is quick to pounce on that, he hops in the crease and times the pants off the punch, places it in front of square and picks up a boundary



Woakes to Latham, out Caught by Root!! The centurion from the first innings departs. The change in angle works wonders for Woakes. He picks up a wicket in his first over. The back of a length delivery kicks up a bit and deviates enough to have Latham fishing at that, the bat was away from the body and the extra bounce meant it took the shoulder of the bat and flew to the left of first slip. Root makes no mistake as he claims his fourth catch in that region. Latham c Root b Woakes 18(29) [4s-2]



Broad to Latham, FOUR, there he goes again. Full on middle and leg - that is bread and butter for Latham, head right on top of the ball as he clips it square on the leg-side, the new ball scurries across the outfield



Broad to Latham, FOUR, lovely shot! Nothing much wrong with the delivery. Good length ball outside off, Latham presses forward and drives on the rise in front of square on the off-side, the timing was exquisite and the ball raced away to the fence



Sam Curran to Williamson, FOUR, typical Williamson shot. Allows the ball to arrive, keeps his head right on top of the ball and opens the bat face to steer it behind point, the new ball has enough pace to reach the fence



Wagner to Broad, out Bowled!! Wagner bags back-to-back five-wicket hauls and roars in excitement. Delivers yet another slower delivery and Broad fails to read it, gets outfoxed as he tries to squeeze it out, plays down the wrong line and loses his off-stump in the process. That shall be tea on day 4. Broad b Wagner 0(3)



Wagner to Jofra Archer, out Bowled!! Wagner has the last laugh as he comes back to get Jofra Archer. After conceding a six, Wagner goes slow on the next delivery. Archer swings early and ends up getting an inside edge on to the sticks. Has a chance to get a 5-for, can he do it? Jofra Archer b Wagner 8(12) [6s-1]



Wagner to Jofra Archer, SIX, smoked into the stands, is it? Nah, this one's out of the park. Jofra Archer clears his front leg, latches on to the length ball and tonks it over long-on for half a dozen



Southee to Sam Curran, FOUR, smashed through extra cover! In the channel outside off, gentle length ball and it's been thrashed through the gap on the off side by Sam Curran. Came right off the meat of his willow and rocketed to the fence in no time



Wagner to Woakes, out Caught by Watling!! Edged and taken! Full length delivery outside off, Woakes goes for a drive away from his body and gets a regulation nick to the keeper. Watling completes the formalities and all of a sudden England are losing wickets in a cluster. They've managed to get a healthy lead of 85 though. Woakes c Watling b Wagner 0(3)



Santner to Root, out Caught by Henry Nicholls!! Another one bites the dust and it's the big fish this time around. Root walks back to a standing ovation having scored a fantastic double centuries. This is also the most number of balls he has faced in a single Test innings. Comes down the wicket and goes inside out against a tossed up delivery, but the timing wasn't good enough as he holes out to deep cover. Comfortable catch for Nicholls and that's that for the English skipper. Commendable effort as he was out in the middle for nearly 11 hours. Root c Henry Nicholls b Santner 226(441) [4s-22 6s-1]



Wagner to Ollie Pope, out Caught by Jeet Raval!! Neil 'short pitch' Wagner strikes. Bangs it into the deck, extracts some extra bounce and Ollie Pope who was trying to go after it, can only top-edge to Raval at deep square leg. Went hard at it with a pull shot in order to up the ante, but couldn't really middle it. Fine innings by the youngster comes to an end. England lead by 80 runs - can they extend that lead to 150 or so? Ollie Pope c Jeet Raval b Wagner 75(202) [4s-6]



Wagner to Ollie Pope, FOUR, stand and deliver! Short of a length delivery around off, Ollie Pope stands tall and flat-bats it straight down the ground, mid-off had no chance to even blink his eye



Matt Henry to Root, SIX, that signals England are going to step on the accelerator. He walks down the wicket, converts it into a half volley and murders it straight back over mid-off, the ball clears the fence comfortably



Daryl Mitchell to Ollie Pope, FOUR, half tracker at 97,7kph and it was duly punished. Pope gets on top of the bounce and cracks the cut square of the wicket, giving the fiedler at sweeper cover no chance



Matt Henry to Root, 1 run, there it is. Double hundred for Root. First as an England captain. He has battled hard and that shows with the number of balls he has faced - the most for him in a Test innings. There was a bit of yes-no but they survive the run-out. The helmet comes off and kisses the three lions badge on the helmet. The entire England team are on their feet to applaud. Coming to the ball: Good length ball that Root taps towards cover and set off, Pope wasn't sure but he had to go for it as Root was almost halfway down, Latham swooped down and under-armed a throw at the striker's end, Pope was struggling with a direct hit



Daryl Mitchell to Ollie Pope, 2 runs, fuller and outside off, Pope drives it wide of sweeper cover and pushes his skipper for the second, Root hustles across and makes it comfortably in the end



Daryl Mitchell to Root, FOUR, perfectly played! There was a bit of width on offer and Root dabs it behind square on the off-side, bisected gully and short third man with precision. He moves onto 197



Santner to Ollie Pope, 1 run, maiden Test fifty for Pope. The smile on his face says it all. He raises his bat and soaks in applause as Root walks up to congratulate the youngster. Floated up outside off and Pope drives it square, Raval at point makes a diving half stop which allows the single to be taken



Daryl Mitchell to Ollie Pope, FOUR, England take the lead. Short ball outside off, Pope quickly treks back and plays an exquisite late cut to find the boundary at third man, no fielders in the deep and with that four, the lead is now 3 runs



Santner to Root, FOUR, swept away! A loopy delivery around off, dipping into the batsman and Root nails his sweep in front of mid-wicket, lot of power behind this shot and the batsman gets a boundary



Santner to Root, FOUR, easily done! A flatter delivery outside off, Root plays it late, almost from the keeper's gloves and steers it past the man at short third man, timed well and that shall be four runs



Matt Henry to Ollie Pope, FOUR, well executed square cut. Width on offer and Pope plays it late, this one races away to the square third man fence in no time



Santner to Root, FOUR, nicely done! Santner goes full with this floated delivery, Root is quick to go down on his knee as he paddles it down to the fine leg fence with nonchalance. Well executed shot by the skipper



Santner to Root, 1 run, 150 up for Root and up go the players in the dressing room, applauding his effort. The crowd join in too, giving him a standing ovation. Has been a solid knock by the English skipper and has helped them erase off the trail. Was a shortish delivery by Santner and the batsman was quick to rock back and nudge it through the gap at mid-wicket. Gets to the milestone and raises his bat, does Rooooooot



Wagner to Ollie Pope, FOUR, boundary to end the over! Short in length outside off, angled away from the batsman and Pope makes the most out of that angle. Brings his bat down in time and plays a late cut, this one goes through the square third man region and finds the fence



Daryl Mitchell to Root, FOUR, 119.3kph, shortish delivery down the leg side, Root goes for the pull, but he ends up getting an inside edge that beats the keeper's dive and races away to the fine leg fence



Daryl Mitchell to Ollie Pope, FOUR, streaky! Pope was getting itchy. The runs were not coming easily and he tries to force one with his feet nowhere in position, the lack of bounce takes the inside edge and goes past the off-stump, not much Watling could have done even with his dive



Southee to Root, FOUR, that's well played. Short of length delivery and the ball kept low, Root decided to play the pull but had to adjust due to the lack of bounce, short-arm jabs in the air wide of mid-wicket



Wagner to Root, FOUR, up and over. Short ball outside off, Root decides to take it on, rises with the bounce and ramps it over the slip cordon, he just managed to get enough bat to clear the 'keeper/fielders



Southee to Root, FOUR, this time Root manages to beat the gully fielder. He had the room outside off to open the bat face and plays it late so that he can get it past the diving Nicholls



Southee to Root, byes, FOUR, now this one jags away. Hits one of the cracks and cuts back in sharply, Root has no chance of making contact with the glance and Watling's full length dive also goes in vain



Wagner to Zak Crawley, out Caught by Watling!! Crawley fails to impress in his debut Test innings, dismissed for a single digit score. Wagner bowls a length delivery around off and gets a hint of movement on this. Zak Crawley feels for it away from his body and gets a regulation nick, taken by Watling and the Kiwis have started to pull things back. Zak Crawley c Watling b Wagner 1(6)



Wagner to Root, FOUR, now that he's got to his century, Root will cut loose. A short delivery outside off, Root slices it through backward point for four more



Wagner to Root, FOUR, 100 for Root, a Test hundred after 9 months. On a length outside off, Root goes for a cut and gets an inside edge as the ball beats the keeper's dive. Has been a captain's knock indeed



Wagner to Root, FOUR, Joe Root is on 99 with this boundary. Wagner strays in line, delivering this one on the batsman's pads, all Root had to do is get some bat on it. Gets a nice tickle and sends it away to the fine leg fence



Southee to Stokes, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! Edged and taken! Southee strikes and breaks the partnership that had started to look good. Delivers this one from round the wicket and there's some movement curving into the batsman, Stokes feels for it and nicks it to Taylor at wide slip. Stokes c Ross Taylor b Southee 26(59) [4s-4]



Southee to Root, FOUR, another boundary for the English skipper. Southee goes very full once again, delivers this one outside off and Root squeezes it through third man and inches closer to his century



Wagner to Root, FOUR, Root into the 90s with a glorious cover drive. Overpitched delivery outside off and it's been crisped through covers off his front foot, everything perfect about that shot, and so was the result



Matt Henry to Stokes, FOUR, excellent back foot punch! Gets into position quickly and punches the shortish delivery through covers with immaculate timing



Southee to Stokes, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Stokes goes back in his crease and times his cut, in fact it's a late cut and the man at backward point could do nothing about it, four runs for the left hander



Southee to Stokes, FOUR, amazing shot! Full length ball by Southee, Stokes transfers his weight on to the left knee, goes down and creams this one through covers with impeccable timing



Wagner to Stokes, FOUR, overpitched from Wagner, Stokes merely drops his bat on it and punches it straight of mid-on. Too easy



Wagner to Root, FOUR, back of a length delivery outside off, Root merely opens the face of his bat and guides it into the third man boundary



Wagner to Rory Burns, out Rory Burns Run Out!! 1 run completed. No great excitement in the appeal from New Zealand initially, but it's clear on replays that Burns is short of his crease. Wonder what's taking the third umpire so long. The bails aren't visible from the side-on angle, but Watling's broken the stumps fair and square when Burns is an inch short of the crease. Finally we arrive at the right decision. Disappointing cricket this from Burns, who probably just switched off after his hundred. Nudges this in front of deep square leg, ambles the first run and then doesn't really hurry for the second one either. Raval, meanwhile, shows more urgency as he swoops in and gets rid of the ball quickly with a gun throw close to the stumps. And even as Raval himself isn't very excited, he's done enough. Rory Burns run out (Jeet Raval/Watling) 101(209) [4s-15]



Wagner to Rory Burns, 1 run, there's the hundred for Rory Burns, clipping Burns off the pads for a single down to fine leg. Off comes the helmet as he soaks in the warm applause. He's had his reprieves through the course of this innings, but fair play to him for cashing in



Daryl Mitchell to Rory Burns, FOUR, this is short and wide and Burns has put it away through backward point. Waits on it to place the cut where he wants. 98 now



Santner to Root, FOUR, hard sweep from Root, nails this through square leg. It was flighted up just outside off by Santner and Root saw the opportunity to free his arms without the leg-before risk



Wagner to Root, FOUR, edged away! On a length around off, Root pokes at it and gets an outside edge that flies through the empty cordon, played it with soft hands and got four easy runs



Santner to Root, leg byes, FOUR, that's a peach of a delivery by Santner. Sharp turn on that and Root gets beaten on his back foot defence. The bowler was up in an appeal for an lbw, as it brushed the batsman's pads before it made it to the third man fence. Impact was well outside off, hence the keeper and the man at slip weren't interested



Matt Henry to Rory Burns, FOUR, dispatched with disdain! Partnership is worth 152*, Burns is into his 90s. And that does deserve a round of applause. A shortish delivery by Matt Henry and the southpaw plays a perfect pull shot through mid-wicket



Santner to Root, FOUR, valiant effort by Mitchell at deep point, but it's in vain. Was a tossed up delivery outside off and Root played a decent square drive, timing it well and finding the fence although the fielder put in a dive near the boundary



Southee to Rory Burns, FOUR, shot of the session! Short ball by Southee, but at his pace it's not going to trouble the batsman. Rory Burns rocks back and nails his pull through mid-wicket, that made a cracking sound and looked four the moment it left his weapon



Daryl Mitchell to Root, 1 run, and that's a much-needed fifty for Root, who's faced a lot of scrutiny recently both as a batsman and captain. At least he's addressed one of those problems. Clips it off middle stump wide of square leg to get the single



Daryl Mitchell to Root, no run, big appeal from New Zealand and the finger goes up immediately. Root's reviewed this immediately as well. And the DRS comes to his rescue. Clearly no bat. Good length ball down leg, clips a bit of pad on the way to Watling. The sound got everyone excited, but there was clearly daylight between bat and ball



Santner to Rory Burns, FOUR, loose delivery that Burns capitalizes on. Drifting down leg, he shuffles across and helps the sweep quite fine



Santner to Rory Burns, 1 run, clipped off the back foot through square leg, brings up the 100 of the partnership



Matt Henry to Rory Burns, FOUR, now that's so much better from Burns, offering the full face and nailing this on-drive past a diving mid-on fielder



Daryl Mitchell to Rory Burns, FOUR, nicely timed flick! On the batsman's pads and Rory Burns puts it away to the deep mid-wicket with a flick shot, brilliant timing I repeat



Daryl Mitchell to Rory Burns, FOUR, edged but safe! On a length outside off, Rory Burns goes dor a drive and gets an outside edge that flies between third slip and gully



Wagner to Rory Burns, 1 run, fifty for Rory Burns! His 6th one in Test cricket. Clips the length ball through fine leg and gets to the milestone, raises his bat to acknowledge the crowd. Was dropped twice yesterday and he's making NZ pay for their mistake today



Daryl Mitchell to Root, FOUR, pulled through square leg. Short ball by Daryl Mitchell and it's been nailed through the gap on the on side, nonchalant pull shot and that's fetched him a four runs



Wagner to Rory Burns, FOUR, back-to-back boundaries for Rory Burns. A short ball on leg, the left hander nails his pull through square leg once again, excellent timing and placement. Too predictable



Wagner to Rory Burns, FOUR, that almost went the distance. Almost. A short ball by Wagner, Rory Burns rocks back and pulls it over square leg, on a bounce and over the fence



Southee to Rory Burns, FOUR, another round of applause as Burns find the boundary once again, looking comfortable out in the middle. A shortish delivery that doesn't rise much, Rory Burns reads it early and pulls it through square leg, beating the sprinter from fine leg with his timing



Wagner to Root, FOUR, the field was set for the short ball and Root was ready for it. This one doesn't rise much and sits up nicely for the batsman, the English skipper transfers his weight on to the back foot and pulls it through backward square leg, lovely shot



Southee to Rory Burns, leg byes, FOUR, shortish length on leg, Rory Burns was trying to glance it initially, but then he decided to withdraw from his shot, was sliding down and it just brushes his thigh pad before it beats the keeper's dive, easy runs



Matt Henry to Root, FOUR, boundaries are coming at ease today. Short ball down the leg side and Root pulls it away to the fine leg fence, it came off the splice off the willow, but the pace made it easier, taking it away to the fence



Matt Henry to Rory Burns, FOUR, second boundary of the over. Matt Henry goes full with this one, Rory Burns tries to defend it, but he plays it with soft hands and gets an outside edge that races past the fielder at gully, away to the third man fence in no time



Matt Henry to Root, FOUR, first boundary of the morning! Back of a length delivery outside off, seaming away from the batsman, Root is quick to rock back and glide it past the man at backward point with a late cut, looked a bit scratchy yesterday, but this shot will give him some confidence



Southee to Root, FOUR, crisply timed flick by Root will fetch him a boundary. Southee bowls this one with a wobbled seam and the line is around middle and leg, allowing the batsman to bring his bat down in time and flick it away



Southee to Rory Burns, 1 run, acrobatic effort from Raval, could've been sensational had it stuck but down it goes. Flicked stylishly off the pads, but it's uppish from Burns. Raval leaps to his left with both hands outstretched, does wonderfully to get to it while airborne but it pops out



Southee to Rory Burns, FOUR, this could have gone anywhere, but it has favoured the batsman and raced away to the fence in the end. Full and wide outside off, Rory Burns plays a drive away from his body, gets an inside edge too, but this one beats the keeper, finding the fence



Matt Henry to Denly, out Caught by Watling!! Watling makes up for Taylor's dropped catch. Although the batsman is different, New Zealand wouldn't mind that. Taylor dropped a regulation catch in the cordon earlier, but Watling has taken a blinder. Henry hits back of a length around off and the batsman gets a thick outside edge as he tries to defend it. The ball flies towards the right of the keeper who flies as well, completing a good catch. Denly c Watling b Matt Henry 4(8) [4s-1]



Southee to Rory Burns, FOUR, touch fuller outside off, Rory Burns reaches out for it with a lunge, and times his drive through covers, well placed shot and that shall be four runs



Matt Henry to Rory Burns, 1 run, dropped at first slip. Regulation catch. And Ross Taylor's the culprit. England could have got both the openers, had this catch been taken. Rory Burns was flirting with it, chasing it away from the body and he got a thick outside edge on his drive, luckily for him, he's been put down. How costly is this going to prove?



Matt Henry to Rory Burns, FOUR, shot! Rory Burns latches on to the full ball and creams it straight down the ground, mid-off for a moment would have thought of giving it a chase, but he had no chance, given the timing



Southee to Denly, FOUR, off the mark straight away. Denly receives a length ball on his pads and Denly flicks it away through square leg, with no fielders in the deep this was always going to be a boundary



Southee to Sibley, out Lbw!! Rory says no to the review and Sibley walks back. That was plumb, without a doubt. Sibley had shuffled way across his stumps to play this one and Southee goes full and quick. The batsman misses his flick and gets struck on the pads. The impact was around middle and this wouldn't have missed the stumps by any chance. Right call by the non-striker to not waste the review and that's an end to the opener's painful stay. Sibley lbw b Southee 4(20)



Southee to Rory Burns, FOUR, lovely drive to end the over. Touch fuller outside off, Rory Burns plants his front foot forward and drills this one through the gap at covers, awesome timing and placement



Sam Curran to Wagner, out Caught by Sibley!! Full toss on the pads, Wagner flicks it straight to midwicket. Curran wraps it up for England with the first ball of his new spell. Wagner c Sibley b Sam Curran 0(1)



Jofra Archer to Santner, out Caught by Woakes!! He got two sixes off Archer in the previous over, but this time the pull is hit straight to deep square leg. Not in any control, flies off a thick top-edge and Woakes settles under it comfortably. Archer barely reacts. Has been made to really toil hard for his first wicket. Broad comes over with an arm on his shoulder to cheer him up. Santner c Woakes b Jofra Archer 23(39) [4s-1 6s-2]



Woakes to Matt Henry, FOUR, overpitched on off stump, Henry dispatches it through mid-off. Not a conventional straight drive, but no less convincing



Jofra Archer to Santner, SIX, not as gracious this time, probably came off a thick top-edge, but it's still flown away over the ropes. Oh dear, it's hit an unsuspecting security guard on the head. Thankfully only a glancing blow. He looks alright



Jofra Archer to Santner, SIX, how good is that from Santner! Swivels across, lifts his front leg and pulls it off his waist over fine leg. Great timing



Woakes to Southee, out Caught by Ollie Pope!! Woakes takes out Southee with a sharp lifter. Effort ball that fetches some steepling bounce and takes the glove on the way through to Pope with Southee unable to get on top of it. First catch for Pope with the gloves. Southee c Ollie Pope b Woakes 18(16) [4s-3]



Jofra Archer to Santner, byes, FOUR, just takes off from the middle of the pitch, whistles over Pope's head behind the wickets



Jofra Archer to Santner, FOUR, short of length delivery angled in from round the wicket, Santner tentatively pokes and edges it wide of the slip cordon



Woakes to Southee, FOUR, this mistimed pull shot has almost gone over the long-on boundary on the full. Short of length outside off, Southee flat-bats it hard and fairly long, on the half-volley into the cushions



Woakes to Southee, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off, Southee cracks it superbly through backward point. Didn't have much width to play with but made the most of whatever he had



Broad to Southee, FOUR, good length ball outside off, skids through and runs away off a thick outside edge past slip. Went all along the ground



Broad to Daryl Mitchell, out Caught by Jofra Archer!! Broad has found something extra. He's banged this in and managed to rush Mitchell on the pull shot to an extent that he's not able to keep it down. It probably comes off the splice and sails down to fine leg for a comfortable catch. Excellent from Broad to dig into his reserves. Nevertheless, a good ovation for Mitchell as he walks back after a fine maiden Test innings. Daryl Mitchell c Jofra Archer b Broad 73(159) [4s-8 6s-1]



Broad to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, beautifully driven to the find the gap through extra cover. Broad dishes out a half-volley and Mitchell cashes in



Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, pitched up on middle and leg, put away nicely by Mitchell who's in control through and through as he meets it nice and straight before flicking his wrists through midwicket



Broad to Watling, out Caught by Rory Burns!! Broad has found the incision, just at the stroke of tea. Just the kind of delivery that could have got Watling and it's come out of no where. A short ball around off, surprises the batsman and Watling who was trying to fend it away, can only manage to get a leading edge towards gully. Simplest of catches for Burns and that brings an end to a gritty knock. Watling c Rory Burns b Broad 55(192) [4s-7]



Broad to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, boundaries are leaking now, New Zealand batsmen cashing in. A short ball down the leg side and it's been dragged down to the fine leg with a gentle swivel



Sam Curran to Watling, FOUR, fifty for Watling and he raises his bat to acknowledge the crowd. A full ball outside off, width on offer and the batsman gets down on his knee to caress it through the gap at extra cover. This pair has played nearly 50 overs so far..



Sam Curran to Watling, FOUR, stand and deliver. Watling latches on to this half-volley and creams it straight past the fielder at mid-off with a lovely off-drive. Just a boundary away from his fifty now



Stokes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, half century on debut for Daryl Mitchell! His mother loves it too, waving at him from the balcony. A short delivery by Stokes, but without much venom. Sits up nicely for the debutant who pulls it with conviction, sending it away to the boundary at deep mid-wicket. He'd be eyeing to get a big one though, can he?



Stokes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, one of the most gorgeous looking drives he's played today. Gets into a perfect position and meets the length delivery with an impeccable cover-drive, holds his pose and the cameras will do the rest



Jofra Archer to Watling, FOUR, another nonchalant flick. Watling picks the length early, plants his front foot forward and clips it through the gap at mid-wicket. Another solid knock by the Kiwi 'keeper this is proving to be



Jofra Archer to Daryl Mitchell, byes, FOUR, another wayward delivery by Jofra Archer and even the keeper couldn't do much about this one. Was banged in short again and this one sailed over the batsman's head, well above the keeper's huge leap



Jofra Archer to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, slower delivery by Jofra Archer and it's met with a lovely straight drive. Was the knuckle ball by Archer, had a bit of inswing too, but the fact that it was too full made it easier for the batsman. Daryl Mitchell comes on his front foot and drills it straight down the ground



Stokes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, this time the deep backward square fielder picks up the ball from the grass banks. Mitchell was expecting the short ball and is into position quickly, nails the pull behind square and it races to the fence



Sam Curran to Watling, FOUR, wee bit of width on offer and Watling cracks it away behind square on the off-side. He used the space nicely and gave the ball direction through the backward point region



Broad to Watling, FOUR, that's glorious from Watling, stamping his foot across and creaming this through extra cover



Denly to Daryl Mitchell, SIX, massive strike down the ground from Daryl Mitchell, showcasing his power after getting right to the pitch of this leg-break. They've done well to get the ball back



Sam Curran to Watling, FOUR, cracking shot! Short and just a hint of width outside off, Watling is quick to pounce on that, he rocks back and cuts it past the backward point fielder. Generated enough power for the ball to reach the fence in a jiffy



Sam Curran to Watling, no run, umpire Dharmasena gestured immediately there was bat but England still want to challenge his call. They lose their review. The nip-backer and Watling is caught in the crease, his bat comes down at the right time to eke out an inside edge onto the pad. If not for that tiny piece of wood, the decision would have been much closer



Woakes to Watling, FOUR, healthy edge but Watling was in control of it. Fuller than a good length, Watling prods forward to defend but the soft hands ensure that the ball goes to ground and bisects the slip cordon



Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR, Mitchell opens his account in Test cricket with an authorative shot. A harmless short of length delivery and Mitchell swivels on his front leg to nail the pull in front of square. That should calm the butterflies



Sam Curran to Henry Nicholls, out Caught by Broad!! Another wicket gifted away. England are overjoyed, Broad more so as he pumps his fist after completing the catch. A short ball and Nicholls could have let it go, but instead he takes it on and fetches the pull from above his head, the top-edge carries comfortable to fine leg. The ball kept climbing on Nicholls and he had no control over the pull shot. Henry Nicholls c Broad b Sam Curran 16(48) [4s-3]



Sam Curran to Watling, 1 run, dropped? Did that carry to Ollie Pope? Might have just fallen short. Seams away from a length and has Watling drawn into a poke, the outside edge goes to the right of the 'keeper and he could not get underneath it to grab it. David Lloyd, on air, calls it a half chance



Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, FOUR, second boundary for Nicholls. Archer tries to attack the stumps and strays on the pads, Nicholls flicks it neatly square on the leg-side and there is no protection in the deep



Broad to Latham, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! England needed that breakthrough to set the tone for them in the day. A very poor misjudgement from Latham and my colleague Sagar says "he was destined to get out like that". Latham had survived a few close leaves yesterday off Woakes but this time he misjudges it completely. The round the wicket angle and the ball nips back in as well from a length, Latham offers no shot and the ball goes on to hit to hit the top of off-stump. A fine knock from Latham comes to an end. Latham b Broad 105(172) [4s-16]



Broad to Latham, FOUR, lovely shot! That should get him going today morning. Full delivery slanted in, Latham presents a straight bat as he drives it straight past mid-on, Archer only sees the ball race past him



Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, FOUR, first runs of the bat. Straying down leg, Nicholls stays inside the line and helps it along the way with a fine tickle, the pace of Archer takes care of the rest



Root to Latham, FOUR, hundred for Latham. He didn't want to go into tea batting in the 90s. Gives the charge, takes it on the full and drives it straight past mid-on. He takes off his helmet, raises his arms and soaks in applause. Superb knock!



Woakes to Latham, FOUR, wee bit of width on offer and Latham ain't missing out on a scoring opportunity. He transfers his weight back and cracks the cut square of the wicket, no need to run for that



Broad to Henry Nicholls, FOUR, overcooks the full delivery and Nicholls puts it away with disdain. Nice confident stride forward and drills the drive through the extra cover region. He went for power over timing there



Woakes to Latham, FOUR, gift from Woakes and Latham cashes in to get into the 90s. Well down the leg-side and Latham just gives it direction and sends it along the way to the fine leg fence



Woakes to Ross Taylor, out Caught by Root!! That is a loose shot. The partnership has been broken and England have an opening with tea less than 30 minutes away. Back of a length delivery just outside off, Taylor goes hard on the slash and the outside edge carries at a nice height to Root at first slip. Reaching the landmark might have caused a lapse in concentration as that ball was not far enough to play the shot. It was close to the body and hence Taylor could not connect with his slash. Ross Taylor c Root b Woakes 53(100) [4s-8]



Woakes to Ross Taylor, FOUR, fifty for Taylor. He has had his fair share of troubles but the experienced campaigner has battled through it to bring up another Test half-century. Slower delivery straying down leg, Taylor gently tickles it to the fine leg fence



Stokes to Latham, FOUR, once more Latham picks a delivery from his stumps and pierces it through the mid-wicket pocket. He has scored a lot of runs through that region and England keep feeding him there



Woakes to Latham, FOUR, wow! Superb use of the wrists. Full delivery on the stumps, Latham meet it with a full-bat face but turns his wrists at the last second to place it in the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on



Woakes to Latham, no run, England have lost a review. It was pretty similar to the one Latham got reversed just before lunch. This was fuller and Latham falls over while playing the flick, struck low and in front of the stumps, but the ball had marginally pitched outside leg and umpire Dharmasena didn't repeat his mistake



Stokes to Latham, FOUR, fab shot! Stokes is not getting his line right at the moment. Too straight - on middle and leg, Latham almost plays a full-faced flick shot through the mid-wicket region. That boundary brings up the 100-run stand



Sam Curran to Ross Taylor, FOUR, oh no! Crawley is not having the best of days in the field. He conceded an overthrow in the first session and now flicks one back onto his leg and the ball rolls into the ropes. Full and outside off, Taylor strides forward and creams the drive past a diving cover fielder, who might have got a hand and taken the pace off allowing Crawley to get there from sweeper cover



Jofra Archer to Latham, 2 runs, dropped in the slips! Stokes, the culprit, buries his face into the ground. Short of length outside off, Latham goes dangling his bat at it and fences it to the left of second slip. Comfortable height, not too wide of him, but it bursts through Stokes's palms as he falls across to the side



Jofra Archer to Latham, FOUR, drops a half-volley onto Latham's pads and is flicked away beyond reproach by Latham



Sam Curran to Ross Taylor, FOUR, jumps into the wide half-volley and crashes it through cover-point. This partnership really settling in



Jofra Archer to Ross Taylor, FOUR, more width this time and an easier shot for Taylor who slaps it through point



Jofra Archer to Ross Taylor, FOUR, lovely back-cut from Taylor, takes brilliant hands to get this away so imperiously without a whole lot of width



Woakes to Latham, FOUR, nicely forward to this full ball - close to a half-volley - and cracks it through extra cover



Broad to Ross Taylor, no run, Broad's fist-pumping in his appeal. That's dead. But wait, Taylor's still gone for the review. For his sake, let's hope there's bat. Nothing on Hot Spot. Snicko, though, has picked a spike but it's in the frame after the ball has passed bat. Now this is interesting. Third umpire Bruce Oxenford believes the spike's a result of an inside edge, and so he's overturned the original call. His reasoning is that the bat was nowhere near the ground, so the only sound had to be off the edge. Taylor didn't review it straightaway, so it's really unlikely he thought he had hit it. Hmm.



Woakes to Latham, 2 runs, fifty for Latham. He has looked in sublime touch apart from the review early in the over. Another delivery that is attacking the stumps, Latham works it past the diving mid-wicket fielder and scampers back for the second. He raises his bat and acknowledges the applause from the crowd



Woakes to Latham, no run, that was a close shave for Latham. He got away with millimeters. Good ball that holds its line, Latham prods forward and plays round it, beaten on the inside edge and struck right in front of the stumps. Dharmasena thought for a while before raising his finger but Taylor was quick to make his partner takee the review



Root to Ross Taylor, FOUR, ruins the over by bowling a half tracker outside off, Taylor is quick to rock back and nail the cut through the vacant backward point region. He is pretty damn good with that shot



Sam Curran to Latham, FOUR, poor delivery and deserved the end result. Straying down leg and Latham has hardly missed the flick/glance today, he allows the ball to come and then tickles it fine to the rope



Sam Curran to Latham, FOUR, this was bound to happen. Curran bowling back of a length at 126.7kph, it was sooner or later that Latham went for the pull, he got into position quickly and placed it square on the leg-side



Jofra Archer to Ross Taylor, byes, FOUR, poor follow-up delivery. And it will go down in the name of the part-timer keeper. Bouncer which just keeps climbing, Taylor does not even have to duck and Ollie Pope's full-stretch leap is not enough to collect the ball



Jofra Archer to Ross Taylor, FOUR, woah! What timing! Not a bad delivery by any means. Fuller and around off, Taylor uses his wrists to time the pants off the on-drive, no chance for the fielder at mid-on as it raced past him in a jiffy



Broad to Ross Taylor, FOUR, cracking shot! Short and width offered outside off, Taylor is quick to pounce on that, triggers back and slashes the cut behind point. No need to chase that



Woakes to Williamson, out Caught by Root!! Big moment here, just on the stroke of the hour mark that'll make England feel pretty good about their decision to bowl. It's taken some lovely cricket to get the big fish. First a corker from Woakes, slanted in on off and then getting it to hold its line - thereby finding the edge. It's not a straightforward chance though. It's gone low to the right of Root at first slip, and he's done superbly well to dive across with both hands to snap it up. Williamson c Root b Woakes 4(20)



Sam Curran to Latham, FOUR, bit of a flourish for Latham in these last few balls. Here's four more. Full on middle and leg, flicks it crisply through midwicket



Sam Curran to Latham, FOUR, this one's straying onto the pads of Latham who works it nice and fine into the fine leg boundary



Woakes to Latham, FOUR, firmly punched down the ground past mid-off. Right under Latham's bat as Woakes goes searching for swing. It's not there



Broad to Jeet Raval, out Caught by Root!! Raval falls for it. Proper bait from Broad, floating the outswinger outside off with cover open. Manages to lure Raval into the drive and extracts enough swing to take the edge. Unlike before, this time the edge carries comfortably to the cordon because there's hard hands at play. Root, at first slip, latches onto it. Poor shot. Wasn't a half-volley either. Went driving on the up. The kind of dismissal which doesn't reflect well on an opening batsman. Jeet Raval c Root b Broad 5(21)



Jofra Archer to Latham, FOUR, runs away off the edge past a flying gully. Latham squared up by the ball straightening from round the wicket, but he's played it softly enough to keep it down. Either that, or this pitch doesn't have much pace so far, considering every edge has gone down



Broad to Latham, FOUR, clipped away imperiously off the pads from Latham as Broad strays with the angle again. Twice in three balls he's done that. But what a delightful roll of the wrists