England vs Ireland, 2nd ODI - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

SERIES: Ireland tour of England, 2020

Venue: The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Date & Time: Aug 01, 2020 13:00 pm




Curtis Campher to Willey, FOUR, lovely sound as Willey pulls this short ball powerfully over backward square leg and England seal the series with a game to go



Young to Billings, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Billings pulls powerfully through deep square leg, rockets to the boundary. England just a hit away now



Young to Willey, SIX, now, now! This is audacious from Willey. How do you hit a one-handed six over backward square leg? Show some respect, Willey! Short slower delivery, Willey just helped it on its way after being beaten for pace by this slower delivery, but wow! Supreme timing



Joshua Little to Billings, FOUR, that's the problem with the field up. Anything full is going to be an easy hit down the ground. Punched off the front foot through mid-off, who was fairly wide as well



Young to Billings, FOUR, nice front foot punch from Billings. Interesting to note no mid-on or long-on in place. Full delivery, Billings placed it in the gap and the timing was so sweet



Andy McBrine to Willey, FOUR, nice back foot drive from Willey. He's eased the pressure on Billings. This was a short delivery, Willey went deep in the crease to power it along the ground through extra-cover



Curtis Campher to Willey, FOUR, and now he opts for the aerial route. Length ball outside off and Willey has chipped it over extra cover for four runs..



Curtis Campher to Willey, FOUR, yup, he's an all-rounder! Back of a length delivery outside off, Willey latches onto it and punches it through the gap at cover-point as the fielders admire his shot



Joshua Little to Willey, SIX, shouts of catch by the bowler, but the fielder at fine leg will have to run back into the stands to catch it. Was a short ball and Willey nailed his pull to perfection, clearing the fence with his power and timing



Young to Willey, FOUR, pressure release shot. A touch fuller around off and Willey chips it uppishly past the fielder at covers. For a moment he would have had his heart in his mouth



Joshua Little to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Lorcan Tucker!! They decide to not change their aggressive approach and Ireland keep chipping at the wickets. Moeen Ali the latest casuality. Joshua Little bowls another short ball around off and Moeen goes for an across the line pull shot. A thick top-edge it induced and Tucker charges towards his right and takes a safe catch near the short fine leg region. The hosts are making sure to keep the audience of this match wide awake. Moeen Ali c Lorcan Tucker b Joshua Little 0(3)



Joshua Little to Morgan, out Caught by Curtis Campher!! Duck for the England captain. Played a decisive role in the previous game, but has to walk back without troubling the scorers in this match. This wicket might keep Ireland's hopes alive. A short ball by the lanky bowler and Morgan mistimes his cut, slicing it straight to Campher towards cover-point. England bat deep though, hence they wouldn't be bothered much. Morgan c Curtis Campher b Joshua Little 0(2)



Curtis Campher to Billings, FOUR, doesn't matter if Bairstow is out, Billings will keep playing his shots. Curtis Campher feeds him with a half-volley and the right hander times it through mid-wicket with nonchalance, no one in the deep and that shall be four more



Joshua Little to Bairstow, out Caught by Lorcan Tucker!! Bairstow departs after playing a scintillating knock. After bowling two consecutive short balls, Joshua Little bowls a full and wide one. The batsman chases it with a flash outside his off stump and ends up getting a feather to the keeper. Walks back to the pavilion to a standing ovation from his team mates does Bairstow. Bairstow c Lorcan Tucker b Joshua Little 82(41) [4s-14 6s-2]



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, he's got the golden touch today. Another short ball outside off, angled away fromo the batsman and Bairstow has slapped it through covers for the second successive boundary of the over



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, 3000 runs for Bairstow in ODI cricket. Gets to the milestone with a streaky boundary. Throws his hands at a short and wide delivery and ends up getting an outside edge that flies down to the third man fence at the rate of knots



Curtis Campher to Billings, FOUR, all about timing again! Gentle length ball on the pads and Billings has timed his flick through mid-wicket for four more. Runs coming thick and fast for the World Champions



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, fetch that! Joshua Little is not learning from his mistakes as he bowls another overpitched delivery, Bairstow accepts the gift with both arms as he drills this one straight down the ground



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, ahh! What a shot! Joshua Little feeds him with a full length delivery and Bairstow lofts it right over the bowler's head. Can't keep fielders there as Bairstow is now striking at a rate of 200. 68* off 34!



Curtis Campher to Billings, FOUR, England's top scorer of the previous game is off the mark with four runs. A length ball outside off, Billings opens the bat face nicely and steers it through the gap at cover-point for a perfectly timed boundary



Curtis Campher to Tom Banton, out Lbw!! Campher bags his second wicket! Such an impactful player he's turning out to be. Two fifties in the series and he's amongst the wickets as well. Goes full with this delivery and the batsman gets beaten on his flick as he plays down the wrong line. The impact was around midddle and it was just clipping the leg stump. Lovely bowling mate! Tom Banton lbw b Curtis Campher 15(15) [4s-3]



Curtis Campher to Tom Banton, FOUR, length ball on the pads and it's been clipped through mid-wicket by Tom Banton, middled to perfection and that shall be four runs



Andy McBrine to Bairstow, FOUR, smashed, sheer power from Bairstow - runs down the track, gets close to the ball and then drills it back past the bowler. beats long-on to his left



Curtis Campher to Tom Banton, FOUR, lovely, overpitched and at the stumps, Banton leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it back past the non-striker for a boundary



Curtis Campher to Tom Banton, FOUR, streaky and four, on a good length and in that channel outside off, lured Banton into an expansive drive - finds the inside edge and it didn't miss the off-stump by much, Lorcan Tucker gets a hand onto it, but can't stop it from rolling to the ropes



Andy McBrine to Bairstow, FOUR, poor ball from McBrine, a half-tracker outside off, Bairstow rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket - there's a fielder in the deep, but he can't get across in time



Curtis Campher to James Vince, out Bowled!! Campher can't do anything wrong at the moment - he scores runs and he picks up wickets for fun - another start and nothing else for Vince - that has been his issue right through his career, on a good length and the ball kept coming back with the angle, Vince was flat-footed as he wafted, created a big gap between bat and pad - the ball snuck through and flattened the middle-stump. A much needed wicket for the visitors, they looked flat under Bairstow's onslaught. James Vince b Curtis Campher 16(26) [4s-3]



Andy McBrine to Bairstow, SIX, a 21-ball half-century for Bairstow, he's on a roll today, comes down the track, gets close to the ball and then lifts it high and over long-off for a maximum



Andy McBrine to Bairstow, FOUR, lovely, nice way to welcome McBrine into the attack, comes down the track, gets close to the ball and then drills it back over the bowler's head, almost went all the way, bounced just in front of the ropes



Young to Bairstow, SIX, massive, a length delivery on off, Bairstow picks the length early, swives across and helps it on its way over backward square leg - the timing is supreme and the ball sails a long way over the ropes



Joshua Little to James Vince, FOUR, more runs - yet another boundary for Vince and England, this time it's off the back-foot - back of a length and well wide of off, he stands tall and finds the gap wide of cover-point with the punch



Joshua Little to James Vince, FOUR, creamed, overpitched and wide of off, Vince leans into the drive and caresses it wide of extra-cover with an exquisite drive - looked a million bucks on that shot



Young to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow is toying with the bowling now, full and at the stumps, he clears his left leg, opens up his shoulder and then lifts it over mid-on - no need to chase for those



Young to Bairstow, FOUR, that has been hacked, length ball outside off, Bairstow stands tall, picks the length early and swats it wide of mid-wicket for a boundary - he''s looking in imperious touch at the moment



Joshua Little to James Vince, FOUR, easy pickings for Vince, back of a length and on the hips, he gets inside the line and helps it on its way, good way to open your account



Young to Bairstow, FOUR, beautifully played, nothing much wrong with the ball, perhaps, it was a fraction too straight, Bairstow leans forward, plays with a straight bat and lifts it over mid-wicket, a few bounces and over the ropes - Bairstow seems to be on a roll today



Young to Bairstow, FOUR, lovely, Bairstow gets hold of the pull now - too short from Young, Bairstow swivels across and pummels it over square leg, couple of bounces and over the ropes



Young to Bairstow, FOUR, cracking shot, too full and too straight from Young, Bairstow shuffles across and then flicks it nonchalantly over mid-wicket, couple of bounces and over the ropes



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, streaky and four, Bairstow gets lucky now, full and well wide of off, Bairstow once again threw is bat at that, gets an inside edge that didn't miss the off-stump by much, evades the keeper on its way to the boundary



Joshua Little to Bairstow, FOUR, lovely, plenty of width on offer from Little - he can't bowl that line with his field, Bairstow frees his arms and launches it over cover for a boundary



Young to Roy, out Caught by Gareth Delany!! A duck for Roy and Ireland get the start they were craving for - a wide half-volley from Young, Roy had to reach out for the drive, it was so wide that he barely reached it, wasn't going to control the shot at all - scooped it in the air and into the grateful hands of Delaney at cover. Now, can Ireland build on this start? Roy c Gareth Delany b Young 0(3)



Topley to Andy McBrine, out Caught by Bairstow!! Topley has a wicket for all his efforts - an excellent bouncer and McBrine was hurried onto the pull, couldn't get out of the way in time, the ball brushed his gloves on its way to the keeper. The umpire's finger went up in a flash and Ireland finish on 212. Andy McBrine c Bairstow b Topley 24(24) [4s-2]



Topley to Young, 1 run, a chance and Willey can't grab it - a brilliantly disguised slower ball from Topely, Young was completely undone and was way too early into the lofted drive, chipped it high and towards mid-off. Willey rushed forward, got both hands as he dived forward, but can't hold on



Saqib Mahmood to Young, 1 run, top edge goes really high. Bairstow calls for it and runs to backward square leg but doesn't get hold of it. Could have been number three for Saqib Mahmood, who rushed Young on the pull shot with this short delivery



Saqib Mahmood to Curtis Campher, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! 59 not out in the first game, now 68. Excellent hand from the 21-year-old. Fullish delivery outside off stump, Campher looks to launch over the off-side, but gets a thick outside edge that flies towards third man. Rashid runs foward and dives low to take a good catch. A handy 55-run stand comes to an end. Curtis Campher c Adil Rashid b Saqib Mahmood 68(87) [4s-8]



Willey to Curtis Campher, FOUR, this lad is showing great maturity and confidence. Already a six and four in the over, expects Willey to bowl full and with third man inside he reverse-scoops this over the infield for four



Willey to Curtis Campher, FOUR, now the overcorrection from Willey, looking to bowl the yorker. Low full toss, a step back into the crease and then a launch over mid-off. Aah, that looked so good



Willey to Curtis Campher, FOUR, the bowlers are getting carried away with the bounce on offer, focussing more on the short stuff. Campher got in line and powered the pull shot so nicely behind square



Topley to Curtis Campher, FOUR, gets into position so early to scoop. Exposes the stumps but Topley follows him with a low full toss to make matters easy and it's helped over short fine leg. Back-to-back fifties for the 21-year-old Campher



Willey to Andy McBrine, FOUR, down the track and back over the bowler's head. That's a nice spot to hit. Close to the pitch of the ball and the free swing of the bat to clear the infield and hit the sightscreen



Willey to Curtis Campher, FOUR, in the air, surely this doesn't have the legs but he's found the gap. Shortish delivery, Campher pulls, but doesn't middle it, Billings was more at square leg and well inside, this flew over to his right



Saqib Mahmood to Andy McBrine, FOUR, the idea of the short ball is fine, but it didn't rise much and McBrine handsomely stood tall to guide it really fine past Bairstow to third man



Saqib Mahmood to Andy McBrine, 1 run, there's that nervous get off the mark moment from McBrine. He hit it straight to mid-on and took off, no run there, Willey misses the target when McBrine was at least a yard short. Shake of the head



Saqib Mahmood to Simi Singh, out Caught by Bairstow!! This is surely out. Everyone's heard this. And up goes the finger. Oh clever bowling from Saqib Mahmood. He's been getting some tail back into the right-hander, this time he opted for the leg-cutter, ball moved away off the seam and foxed Singh on the attemped guide to third man. Thin, but audible edge. Seven down! Simi Singh c Bairstow b Saqib Mahmood 25(33) [4s-3]



Saqib Mahmood to Simi Singh, FOUR, nice little tickle from Simi Singh! He actually picked this up from middle stump line and wristed it nicely to send it fine and wide of fine leg



Saqib Mahmood to Simi Singh, FOUR, extra bounce but it hurts Saqib Mahmood than Singh. Batsman trying to play towards backward point, but it jumps and hits the splice, going fine of the keeper and into the third man fence



Saqib Mahmood to Curtis Campher, no run, oh Jonny! Campher flashed at this short of length delivery and missed as it nipped away. Bairstow went up strongly as soon as he collected, the bowler wasn't too keen too. Morgan asked the keeper, who was confident and signalled the review. No bat in the end



Moeen Ali to Curtis Campher, FOUR, shot! Back in his crease to hack the short ball through mid-wicket as he beats the fielder's dive in the deep



Adil Rashid to Curtis Campher, FOUR, smashed over the bowler's head. Curtis Campher picks the bones out of this one as the set batsman absolutely smashes it hard. Adil Rashid in his followthrough jumps high, but the ball sails over him



Adil Rashid to Simi Singh, no run, England review: Morgan wants an lbw review against Simi Singh. But I think, the impact was outside off. Was the googly by Adil Rashid and the batsman got beaten on his sweep. No bat involved as there's a flat line on Ultra Edge. And like we expected, the impact was way outside off. And was missing the off-stump too. England lose their review



Adil Rashid to Simi Singh, FOUR, Adil Rashid is disappointed as Simi Singh has played a fine sweep shot. Fetches it from outside off and gets four runs down to the fine leg fence



Adil Rashid to Simi Singh, no ball, byes, FOUR, slides this one down the leg side, beats the batsman's glance and also the keeper. Free hit coming up!



Adil Rashid to Lorcan Tucker, out Caught by Topley!! Rashid bags his third wicket - he's on a roll today. Was very economical in the previous contest, but he's amongst the wickets today. Again a nothing shot from the Irish batsman. Tries to fetch the widish legbreak with a slogsweep and it comes off a top-edge. Reece Topley at short fine leg finds no trouble to grab this easy catch. Lorcan Tucker c Topley b Adil Rashid 21(31) [4s-2]



Saqib Mahmood to Curtis Campher, FOUR, Ireland's top scorer of the previous match is looking good today as well. Carrying the confidence from his debut. A full length ball outside off, there was width on offer and Curtis Campher slices it through point for four tidy runs



Saqib Mahmood to Lorcan Tucker, FOUR, that's edged, but Lorcan Tucker is safe. Sharp short of a length delivery around off, takes the batsman by surprise as he hangs his bat out to dry. A thick outside edge is induced due to the steep bounce, but it flies past the diving keeper's mitts



Adil Rashid to Harry Tector, out Caught by Saqib Mahmood!! That's a soft dismissal. Harry Tector who missed out on his debut with a duck, had got off to a decent start in this match. And there was absolutely no need to take on Rashid, given how good the leggie can be in these conditions. Takes him on with a lofted shot and ends up handing over an easy catch to mid-on. Harry Tector c Saqib Mahmood b Adil Rashid 28(55) [4s-2]



Saqib Mahmood to Lorcan Tucker, FOUR, well executed! A short ball around leg, Lorcan Tucker is quick to read the length as he pulls it very fine. The fielder at fine leg was a touch square, hence he had to chance to cut it down



James Vince to Harry Tector, FOUR, that's a clean strike by Harry Tector. This one almost went the distance. Picks the bones out of the gentle pace length ball and lofts it to perfection and right over the bowler's head. On a bounce and over the fence



Adil Rashid to Harry Tector, FOUR, that's hit the umpire. Lucky that it wasn't a nasty blow. Was a full toss that was smacked hard by Harry Tector and it brushed the umpire's hat and raced away to the fence



Adil Rashid to Kevin O Brien, out Bowled!! Lovely ball and Rashid has left KOB bamboozled. The back of the hand wrong 'un, pitched on off and spun back in sharply - KOB was playing for the leg-break as he lunged forward, the ball spun through the bat-pad gap and crashed into the middle stump. A leg-spinner's delight and Ireland are in familiar choppy waters once again. The players will also take drinks at the fall of that wicket. Kevin O Brien b Adil Rashid 3(7)



James Vince to Andy Balbirnie, out Caught by Bairstow!! A bonus wicket for England - Vince's maiden ODI wicket, a disconsolate Balbirnie walks back to the hut, this is such an innocous dismissal for the Irish captain. Banged in short and well wide of off, Balbirnie was shaping for the pull and decided to let the ball go through at the last moment, couldn't drag his bat back in time, went off the face and straight into the gloves of Bairstow. Andy Balbirnie c Bairstow b James Vince 15(28) [4s-2]



Moeen Ali to Andy Balbirnie, FOUR, cracking shot, Balbirnie brings out the sweep- gets a big forward, covers the off-stump, rolled his wrists and swept it in front of square on the on-side, the man in the deep is behind square and has no chance



Willey to Andy Balbirnie, FOUR, lovely, overpitched and at the stumps, Balbirnie leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it back past the non-striker, beats mid-on to his left and rruns away to the ropes



Willey to Stirling, out Caught by Tom Banton!! Smart catch at backward point and Willey has two wickets now - he's having a nice party in this series - this was full and wide of off, Stirling's eyes lit up as he saw the width, but he didn't get his front-foot across to cover the angle, ended up slicing the drive in the air - Banton leapt across to his left, got both hands and held on to a mighty fine catch. Stirling c Tom Banton b Willey 12(20) [4s-2]



Willey to Gareth Delany, out Lbw!! Gareth Delany has been given OUT LBW. He has a long chat with his partner and still can't come to a decision, but time runs out and he has to walk back to the pavilion. It was fair enough that he didn't challenge the call, replays show that he was absolutely plumb. The inswinger does the trick for Willey - pitched around off and jagged back in sharply, with his high backlift, Delany was always struggling to get his bat down in time, struck adjacent to middle and it was crashing into the middle stump. Gareth Delany lbw b Willey 0(12)



Topley to Stirling, FOUR, Topley is being put under immediate pressure - length delivery outside off, Stirling leans forward and then caresses the drive in the gap wide of cover, the timing is exquisite and the ball rolls away to the ropes



Topley to Stirling, FOUR, cracking shot, gentle loosener from Topley, pitched up in that channel around off, Stirling leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it straight of mid-off for the first boundary of the day