Cape Town Blitz vs Tshwane Spartans, 22nd Match - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

SERIES: Mzansi Super League 2019

Venue: Newlands, Cape Town

Date & Time: Dec 01, 2019 12:00 pm




Magala to Tom Curran, out Caught by Livingstone!! Holed out. Off-speed length ball at 119.4kph, Tom Curran heaves across the line, doesn't get the required timing and Livingstone runs across at deep mid-wicket to complete the catch. Tom Curran c Livingstone b Magala 0(1)



Riaz to Pite van Biljon, out Bowled!! 140.1kph! This is just incredible bowling. The umpires go upstairs. Fair ball. In-angler from a short of length, straightens a touch, a squared up Pite van Biljon gets beaten on the outside edge and the ball clips the top of off. Fantastic over - just 4 off it and an important wicket. Pite van Biljon b Riaz 62(42) [4s-4 6s-3]



Magala to Pite van Biljon, SIX, 112.9kph, slower ball, in the slot, Pite van Biljon moves leg-side and lofts it downtown. The long-on fielder - Malan - moves to his left and gets both hands to it. But ends up parrying it over the ropes



Magala to Pite van Biljon, FOUR, 139.7kph. Shot! Magala misses his yorker by a couple of inches. Pite van Biljon backs away a long way and carves it wide of backward point. Pite van Biljon is playing a gem of an innings here



Anrich Nortje to Pite van Biljon, FOUR, 128.4kph, length ball, Pite van Biljon waits for it, stands tall and batters it over the bowler's head. Fifty for Pite van Biljon



Anrich Nortje to Pite van Biljon, FOUR, 145.5kph, Pite van Biljon backs away and Nortje dishes out a full toss. van Biljon throws his bat at it and slices it wide and over backward point



Anrich Nortje to Pite van Biljon, SIX, length ball, sits up nicely and Pite van Biljon smokes it over deep mid-wicket with a big heave. Stand and deliver. A 90m six



Steyn to de Villiers, out Caught&Bowled!! Steyn wins the battle. Removes his friend and Spartans' best batsman with his last ball. Dug in short, the batsman was cramped for room. But, de Villiers decides to take him on with a pull shot. One hand comes off the handle too and the ball lobs up off the top edge. Steyn runs back, settles under it and gobbles it up calmly. He sports a beaming smile. Brilliant spell from Steyn: 4-0-10-3. Take a bow, legend! de Villiers c and b Steyn 31(26) [4s-1 6s-2]



Mohammad Nawaz to de Villiers, SIX, this time over long-off and it's a better shot. Moves leg-side, it was in the slot and the veteran launched it over long-off



Mohammad Nawaz to de Villiers, FOUR, airy ball, Pite van Biljon clears his front leg and hammers it over the non-striker's head. No chance for long-on to stop that



Mohammad Nawaz to Pite van Biljon, FOUR, short and wide, cut hard through backward point off the back foot. Bad ball and it got the punishment it deserved



Livingstone to Pite van Biljon, SIX, bludgeoned over long-on! Pite van Biljon gets low and tonks this full ball downtown



Livingstone to Klaasen, out Caught by Philander!! The gamble to give the ball to Livingstone has worked. A full ball on leg and Klaasen reversed his stance to broom it behind square on the off-side. He couldn't keep it down and ended up gifting a simple catch to backward point. Klaasen c Philander b Livingstone 13(17) [4s-1]



Mohammad Nawaz to Klaasen, FOUR, almost a six! Wow. In-dart, Klaasen reverse-slogs it over short third man. Middled it and almost went the distance



Riaz to de Villiers, SIX, shot! A short of length ball at 144.7kph, de Villiers moves across and dispatches it with disdain. Pummelled over deep mid-wicket



Steyn to Klaasen, byes, FOUR, banged in short, takes off after passing the batter and de Kock manages to get a glove on it. Not good enough to stop it from going to the fence



Steyn to Elgar, out Caught by Philander!! A soft dismissal. A slower ball, low full toss at 109kph. Elgar doesn't pick it and is early into his drive. Ends up chipping it straight to Philander at mid-off. Steyn is pumped up. Elgar c Philander b Steyn 5(10)



Steyn to Wiaan Mulder, out Caught by de Kock!! Edged and taken. Mulder sees the width and slashes. It was a short of length ball at 138kph. No real feet movement from Mulder and it was just a loose waft. End result - nicked to the keeper. Wiaan Mulder c de Kock b Steyn 2(3)



Riaz to de Bruyn, out Bowled!! The leg-stump has been uprooted! A fuller ball at 145.6kph, de Bruyn stood tall to hoick it across the line. Lost his shape in the process and dragged it onto his sticks via an inside edge. The umpires want to check if it's a fair delivery. Yes it is and de Bruyn has to walk back to the dressing room. de Bruyn b Riaz 5(8)



Tom Curran to Philander, SIX, shot. And it feels after ages. Curran dishes one in the slot at full pace and Philander can loft it straight down with utter ease



Lungi Ngidi to Riaz, FOUR, a massive slog, not in control, but it's into the wind. de Bruyn comes in from long-on, but realizes the breeze is taking it away from him, runs backwards, but nope, that ain't helping



Lungi Ngidi to Mohammad Nawaz, out Caught by Wiaan Mulder !! Pace off another full one. Nawaz tries his best to hoick this, at least this, but nope, the Blitz are clearly not going anywhere with their death batting. He miscues, dragging it to a tumbling cow corner. Mohammad Nawaz c Wiaan Mulder b Lungi Ngidi 7(9)



Wiaan Mulder to David Bedingham, out Bowled!! Ugly ungainly heave this. It's a simple straight ball, seam up, on middle. Bedingham goes to heave across the line and pump it over cow corner, but in his quest of going too hard loses shape and the ball comfortably goes under to find some other form of timber. David Bedingham b Wiaan Mulder 53(40) [4s-5 6s-1]



Lungi Ngidi to David Bedingham, 1 run, a calm punch through sweeper, and just as stylishly, he gets to his fifty



Lungi Ngidi to Livingstone, out Bowled!! Reaaaallly slow cutter this. Rolls his finger on the seam, bangs it in short. But Livingstone has no clue, he swing a flat bat across the line to smack it away, but he's a week early. The ball sneaks under easily, and uproots out middle. Livingstone b Lungi Ngidi 8(12)



van der Merwe to David Bedingham, SIX, oops. Too short. Bedingham has enough time to rock behind and smoke it over cow corner



van der Merwe to Janneman Malan, out Caught by de Villiers!! van der Merwe breaks the 65-run stand. Janneman Malan moves leg-side and gets down on a knee to tonk this in-angler over long-off. Doesn't get the required elevation and holes out at long-off. AB runs in and gathers it with both hands in front of his tummy. Janneman Malan c de Villiers b van der Merwe 36(28) [4s-1 6s-2]



Morne Morkel to Janneman Malan, 2 runs, the partnership between Janneman Malan and David Bedingham is now 50. Rib-tickler at 135.5kph, Malan nudges it into the mid-wicket pocket and the batters come back for the second. Good running



Lungi Ngidi to David Bedingham, FOUR, bad ball! Very full and on the pads, Bedingham helps it on its way with a flick to fine leg



Lungi Ngidi to David Bedingham, FOUR, Bedingham comes down the track and heaves this length ball across the line. Didn't quite middle it and the deep mid-wicket fielder ran to his left and dived, but couldn't hold onto it. A very tough chance



Tom Curran to David Bedingham, FOUR, smacked through the line! A fullish ball at 132.9kph, Bedingham dances down the track and slightly moves leg-side before tonking it over the non-striker's head



Lutho Sipamla to Janneman Malan, SIX, superbly picked up! A leg-stump half-volley at 133kph, Malan uses his wrists to flick it over deep mid-wicket. 21 runs off the over



Lutho Sipamla to Janneman Malan, FOUR, 137.5kph, Malan moves leg-side, makes room and carves this fullish ball over point. One bounce and into the fence



Lutho Sipamla to Janneman Malan, SIX, 117.2kph, slower ball, full in length and Malan dances down the track. Picked the change of pace late and still went through with his uppish flick did Malan. Got enough wood on it to send it into the cow corner stands



Lutho Sipamla to David Bedingham, FOUR, 128.8kph, full on off, with a lifted back leg David Bedingham whips it away powerfully over mid-wicket. Hit it in the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on



Tom Curran to David Bedingham, FOUR, 129.4kph, pitched up delivery, Bedingham drives off the front foot and gets a thick outside edge. Goes through the vacant cordon and then to the third man fence



Morne Morkel to de Kock, out Caught by Lungi Ngidi!! Edged and gone! Back of a length at 125.5kph, de Kock flashed his bat for a cut on seeing the line wide of off. However, he didn't pick the change of pace and spooned it straight to short third man off the outer edge. Morkel gets the breakthrough and he's removed the big fish. de Kock c Lungi Ngidi b Morne Morkel 16(10) [4s-3]



van der Merwe to de Kock, FOUR, there's nobody at all behind square, but RvdM still ends up feeding it full on the stumps. Quinton sweeps uppishly, just over a leaping square leg



van der Merwe to de Kock, FOUR, another one that's too full. Quinton reaches out to the pitch of it, flicking powerfully now to get it through mid-wicket



van der Merwe to de Kock, FOUR, real fine sweep. Gets down on a knee, goes through with a swipe and tickles it off the inside half